Hey guys,

One of the more frequent questions we get is where people can find people to do some work for them. Until now, this was something that was not allowed on the forum.

However, due to the popularity of the request and that we have a pretty good community here who I am sure are eager to help each other I have decided to follow other forums in a way that seems to work for them.

This is the Work Wanted Superthread. If you have a job that you think you might be able to find someone on boards to be able to do, then this is the place to post it. In fact, this is the only place to post it. If you do not post your ad on this thread, your ad will be deleted.

The Rules:
1) All discussion stays off thread. Any interactions between you and your designer stays in PM. No chat on thread.

2) When posting your ad, include as much information as you could deem necessary. This includes what kind of site it will need to be, what you would expect it to be able to do, and how much you are willing to spend. If your advert does not contain these details, it will be removed.

3) If you do not get any responses, please do not repost your ad.

These may and are likely to change at any time, so I would ask that you read the first post before posting each time.

Thank you, and good luck finding your designers.

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PeakOutput Registered User


we have posted a proposal on scriptlance here http://www.scriptlance.com/projects/1263672029.shtml?hl=education%20based%20web%20portal

we are on a budget but would prefer to work with irish individuals / companies if possible

have a read of our proposal and if you are interested message us on scriptlance and in the pmb note that you saw this on boards and what your boards username is


jasperok Registered User

Looking for someone who can integrate realex in our site.
Also to add the necessary php-asp whatever needed markup to a form so that it calculates the cost based on the customer entry so realex can charge the correct ammount - also if we could receive a copy of the form when they complete the payment.
Anyway further info available via pm -

unklerosco Registered User


I'm looking towards getting our main website rebuilt/designed. Looking for a whole new look and feel to it. The idea in my head is beyond what I can do.

The site is based on an educational service and we've a sister site we're starting up that will be based on a trade aspect to this. The main sites purpose is for information and registrations... We're also looking to a database backend integrated into the site for staff to have access to for administration etc.

Its a growing business so looking to make a relationship with someone/company that we can work with over the coming years. Like everyone we're on a budget but I my main aim is to get a decent foundation down and when we have the money we'll develop on that..

If anyones interested drop me a pm...

happygoose Registered User

Our product currently sells from our place of business, but a huge opportunity exists for increasing sales volume by creating an online shop for the sale of the product. The products will not need any marketing / search engine optimisation. They pretty much sells itself.

The site will be a simple site selling 3 or 4 sporting products in Ireland.

I see the website having the following pages:

'Shop Online'
'Customer Queries'

The most important aspect of the site will be the E Commerce facility. it will offer Credit Card / Laser (Realex or something similar) payment options.

Ideally we will be able to edit material to a certain extent when needed without contacting the web designer.

Please PM me with your proposal, breakdown of cost, work carried out previously and any other queries you might have.


Tnecniv2010 Registered User


Debut post!
Looking to setup a new site to sell educational material:

Technical Requirements
1. Forum:

2. Blog:

3. Main Page:
An article driven setup - snapshots of recently added/important articles
Moving text feature - we will require i) a live news feed and ii) regular inbuilt updates of recent articles

4. Other Required Features
a) Users must be able to have a 'site-wide' account whereby they can use the website to access general and member only content, and easily use the on-site payment facility all on the same account.
c) video presentations
d)Additionally, may look to add at a later date: facebook and twitter, video, podcasts, online store.

We aim for elegant simplicity. User experience is the main concern for us. Every visitor should be able to find the content he/she is looking for within two, maximum three clicks.

Obviously we're on a budget, but can discuss options to keep the cost down. Options may include selecting an appropriate template and then we may just need help from someone to customise and integrate the various features we need. Also, above is list of all requirements, we may start out with a simpler version and add as we go.

Ideally we'd like someone we can build a relationship with in order to add updates/new features etc as the site develops.

If interested PM with proposal, rough idea of costs, examples of previous work and we can discuss in more detail.

Best regards,


najohnson Registered User


I am currently looking to get a chat room built and launch it as a website offering in itself. There are several unique aspects of the chat room that i require, none that are too complicated, which is why i cant simply use one of the existing open sources, hosting sites or sites that offer a basic pre structured code.

Could anybody out there who is interested in such a project be able to assist me in either finding a person who could carry out the work for me or even anyone who reads this that would be interested themselves. I am offering payment for the project and i am sure it would only be a small commitment of time for the developer, as i said the features are not very complex. Could be ideal for a capable student or any developer with a small amount of time to spare.

Please respond here or email me if you are interested,

Riamfada Moderator


Im looking to completely redesign my site's shop. Ideally we need to create something very simular to bendunne.com where people can be emailed usernames and login codes and then access a backend where they can upload and update advertisements and images.

Please pm for details.

Many Thanks

Eamo2000 Registered User

I'm looking to upgrade my website and convert to a CMS.
The website is www.progarden.ie and I would like to use Joomla if possible.
Currently the website is a very basic, static site with 4 pages, one of which has a picture gallery.

I need to be able to add and remove text, and pictures.
I've already setup a basic joomla site (www.progarden.ie/joomla) and am beginning to get comfortable with the joomla layout.

At this stage, what I require is to meet up with someone who is expert at Joomla, for either a half day or a full day. To guide me to basically convert the same look and layout of the static site over to the joomla site (note, it does not have to be exactly the same, just looking for a generally good layout).
Is there anyone interested in this work (Dublin area).

Thanks, Eamon

flanree Registered User

Enquiring on behalf of a friend. They need someone preferably based in Killarney to design a site for their B&B. I would assume online booking would be required for the site. Please PM if you know anyone or are interested yourself.

legalsec Banned

Looking for somebody that can make a few minor changes to our website.www.onlinetyres.ie eg. Change picture on top right hand corner and to add a new text box somewhere on the homepage, We will also need somebody to do a lot of work for us over the next three weeks as we are including bike tyres. Please get back with quotes, many thanks

Freddio Registered User


I am looking for a web designer for roughly 2 weeks of work. The designs need to be in well organised psd layers.

Can any interested parties PM me with required day rates, contact details and examples

Many thanks

Gamesnash.ie: Pat Verified representative

Large expansion of Gamesnash.ie website.

Hello all - Considering our relationship with boards.ie I thought I would post this here

Background - Gamesnash at the moment is simply a retail website with shopping cart etc.

What we are looking to do is to develop either a new site or integrate into the existing site a marketplace where customers can list and trade their own games on. This would be similar in concept to Amazons marketplace / play.coms playtrade etc.

It requires among other things and probably more than ...

  • Full shopping cart functionallity with payment processing integration.
  • Cart to pick both from Gamesnash.ie stock and the market place stock.
  • Ability for customers to sell / list games on the site themselves.
  • Appropriate customer / seller interfaces.
  • Ability to transfer funds from back end to sellers accounts.
  • Very large database capabillity.
  • Communication process between users and admins as well as user to user.
  • Referral / affiliate programs etc

As said above I could list another 100 minor things around the same points but if you are familiar with Amazon or Play.com you would have the picture. Interested in hearing thoughts of web designers capable of delivering a site of this nature.

ab20 Registered User

Hi I am looking for a person who knows Magento inside out. I have a website that was initiated in Magento but like a lot of people the webmaster told me how great it was but he really did not know the full package. The person I need will be able to work alongside me in developing my website(s). The whole idea is that I give the Magento Wizard some work and in return he can teach me how to utilize the whole backend properly. This way I am not taking up his/her precious time doing menial tasks that I can manage to do. Any takers let me know by PM.

derek2009_ Registered User

looking for someone to help me this week on a site i am working on, its basic with 4 possible 5 pages,

got all the design done laid out properly on FLASH
i cant seem to master code,

I can pay like 100 quid,
The site is good way along build in FLASH CS5

I just trying to teach myself really how to make basic sites, would
really love help

Even if there is someone in cork (city or county who could give me lessons i would love that)


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