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We're meant to be doing ours, but I haven't a clue what to do for it; our teacher was extremely vague about what we had to be (She said something along the lines of: WRITE 'BOUT BABIZZ), so I really don't know what to do.

Does anyone have any 'good' ideas?

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Have no idea myself but some people I know dont fetal development? and autistic children etc... Something along those lines I think!

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The wide range of Childcare projects presented for examination in 2003 focused on the following topics and related themes:
• Pregnancy,
• Development in the womb
• Birth to first birthday,
• Multiple births,
• Child study / Case study
• Nutrition for mother and baby
• A day in the life of a child,
• Child development
• Conception to birth
• Birth to 2 years old
• Role of play in child development
• Breast v bottle feeding
• Weaning
• Importance of nutrition for mothers and babies
• Child safety
• Fostering
• How the childminder can promote child development.
• First aid / safety in the home
• Vaccinations
• Disabilities:Autism, Asthma, Epilepsy,
• Spina Bifida Encephalitis, and the child,
• Childhood Illnesses, Meningitis,
• General Development of different age groups,
• Children with special needs.
• Feeding - bottle feeding, breast feeding,
• Children’s Toys,
• Toys and play,
• Development of teeth.
• Development of language.
• Furnishing a nursery
• Play schools
• Learning difficulties
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I haven't a clue about the format though. Does anyone have an example project I can kinda base my off. We have the most idiotic teacher doing them with us, everything is to be done at home and she'll offer no help whatsoever.

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I'm just looking online now, when I was doing mine (Textiles) I looked it up and there was loads of info. I don't have a folder you can look at but I'll try get the headings etc for you.

EDIT: I found this, it may be of some help

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:eek:have to have my child development project in for tomorrow whats the format please

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anybody have any examples of junior cert home ec projects for child development about autism ??????

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roisin1234 said:
anybody have any examples of junior cert home ec projects for child development about autism ??????

I did my home eco project on that topic last year! I'm not allowed to give you my copy of it but i'll help if you if you have any questions .

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