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Guys I want to register for online betting and I Judy need to clarify some points.

If I register will paddy power send me any kind of documents to my house.

And is it safe to use one credit card or bank card or can I use a 3v card.

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Hi Judy here, thanks for your enquiry.

Firstly let me congratulate you on choosing to open an online betting account with Paddy Power. You can now kiss goodbye to all of those financial worries and dull, dreary Stoke - Hull matches where you couldn't care less who wins or how many corners there are in it.

As regards your first question re: documents. Paddy Power are committed to security for all its customers. Consequently in order to protect against fraud a representative will call around at a time of your convenience and take a photograph of you for its records.

Also, in keeping with a commitment to responsible gambling, the representative will take the liberty of perusing your living arrangements and possessions along with your financial accounts in order to establish that you have the financial liquidity to begin your exciting new sports betting career in earnest.

It would be helpful if you arranged for some friends, an employer, or a former teacher to be present as character witnesses.

You will be able to distinguish the representative from a bogus caller by his colourful jumper.

having been accepted as a valued customer you may avail of any major credit card, bank card, 3v card, gift voucher, pay cheque, organ donor card, blood donation, or human hair of wig making quality. Our representative tends to favour the latter.

I hope that answers your questions. If I can be of any further assistance please don't hesitate to let me know.


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lol very funny post

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I'm sure Paddy Power have some sort of option to make sure nothing gets sent to your house if that's what you want.

As for the safety of the site to use a CC or 3v vouchers, it's perfectly safe to use your card with them, just as it's safe to use it with Amazon, paypal or any other e-business.

I'd suggest you e-mail their support with these questions, or alternatively you could PM BigCityBanker here on boards and I'm sure he'll help you out with any queries you have.

Also, LOL hotspur

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