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As the title says..

I was made redundant in October and want to claim tax back.

Should i fill out a P50

or request a P21 Balancing Statement for 2009

Thanks in advance


Hi, you can do either (I'd suggest you do both) but you would be best served firstly by downloading the p50 form and filling it in yourself, the PDF they give is nifty enough to allow you fill in most of it via the keyboard then printout and sign/date afterwards.
You can expect a response from them usually within 10 days or less, they're very fast and a pleasure to deal with.

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Excellent, Cheers


P50 worked fine for me last year. When the refund came through they sent a second form and asked me to wait another eight weeks before sending that in. Must do that now, I might be able to get some more back.

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