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Ahoy hoy, I was wondering could some fellow boards members steer me in the direction of some new Irish music. For too long I've been out of touch with the Irish Music Scene and feel, after hearing the likes of Conor O'Brien of The Villagers live for the first time recently, that there exists a wealth of homegrown talent on my doorstep that I've been sidestepping or overlooking.

If anyone could recommend some up-and-coming bands or even some regular reputable live events, I'd be very much obligued. Thanks in advance

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cfcciano said:

They supported ScubaDice

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Cheers for the replies lads. Appreciated

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check adebisi shank

Not sure if they'd be your cup of tea if you're into the villagers. Amazing live shows.

What kind genre/s are you looking for?

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In Case Of Fire


Planet Parade

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thekeeneye said:
If you're looking for something new and good check AND IRISH check these guys out.

Heard bout them first in DAILY MAIL and then checked them out on BACLCONY TV which was pretty, pretty good. Hats off to them when they play live 'cause they really put everything into it, whether it's Vicar Street or Button Factory. She's a bit of a vixen on stage. Think Andrea Corr in looks but Kim Gordan, SONIC YOUTH, in action. Hoorah! Checked out the myspace though none of the new stuff seems to be up yet. Word is new album out in summer. Set to be a big one. This is their upcoming single 'ALL GOOD NOW'. Remember you heard it first from THE KEEN EYE.

" 'The Keen Eye' ..Trying To See Further"

Who gives a toss how much of a 'vixen' someone is? Is the music any good, thats the question.

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"If you're looking for something new and good AND IRISH check these guys out.

Heard bout them first in DAILY MAIL and then checked them out on BACLCONY TV which was pretty, pretty good"

Good point Maccored. Agreed, if the music is crap who gives a sh**. The opening few lines were refering to the music. The rest was stage performance which I think is important. Adds something at least. Bottom line about these guys: music cool, performance cool.

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there is a nice little session every monday night in bewleys cafe theatre with a band called the Lazy band ... pure acosutic with piano, fiddles, manolin, guitars and vocals ... a mix of original and covers of americana, folk, bluegrass and trad .... very intimate and some great performers including enda reilly, mark flynn and eldar roche

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Over the last year I think the standard of music in this country has greatly improved.

I'd echo the kudos for Villagers, the new album should be absolutely magic. Also ditto for Adebisi Shank, absolutely live shows.

On top of those I'd add

And So I Watch You From Afar
James Vincent McMorrow
Not Squares
Two Door Cinema Club
The Cast Of Cheers
The Redneck Manifesto
Super Extra Bonus Party
Messiah J and the Expert
Kormac's Big Band
The Continuous Battle of Order
The Vinny Club

Sure there's more, the majority of those acts are releasing albums this year which is good news. Gonna be a tough tough call on the Choice Music Prize next year.

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Hi there!
Just read across the suggestions here and missed the following great fresh bands/solo artists:
FIGHT LIKE APES (thrilling vocalist->MayKay)
GRAND POCKET ORCHESTRA (full power and fun)
LAST DAYS OF DEATH COUNTRY(-> Patrick O'Brien, mastermind behind, they'll go far.)
CRAYONSMITH (nice song-writing and a lot of xylophone)
GIVEAMANAKICK (a short-term successful noisy, drumming strumming 2-guys-project that only recently split up, god knows why)
WINDINGS (a side project of one of them, now upcoming)
RED DANCERS COMETH (just dark and sexy)
REST (dark)
WALTER MITTY AND THE REALISTS (weird in a good way)
VERTIGO SMYTH (melodic and not mainstream)
MEADHBH BOYD (mark that young woman and multi-instrumentalist)
BREANDAN O'RUAIDH (now aka ORMY; formerly going from jazz to experimental, now back to his folk roots, but always good for a surprise)
THE LONELY SCHIZOPHRENIC (Have sex with Panda bears and others, mourn your dad or alternately, your cat...)
HOORAY FOR HUMANS (just good music)
For more impressions on the recent Irish music scene check out -> Made large by founder Stephen O'Regan and his witty colleagues. They are broadcasting unplugged honest handmade music acts from a balcony in Dame-Street, Dublin )
(By now, there is a side-project in Hamburg, presented for the German music indie scene, but sadly it's not half as good and charming, I must say.)

These are the hints that come to my mind right away; the bands I mentioned mostly derive from Dublin, Cork, Waterford and Limerick - whilst I live, funny enough, in...Berlin and only know them from the internet and some lucky collaboration when doing a TARA-CD (Songs For The Unsung, soon available again). )
They all are on MySpace, of course (google out), so you can get an impression, and their range goes from fun electro punk or dark to alternative, singer/song-writer style, comedy and experimental: Some of them already found grace in the eyes and ears of Phantom, such as GAMAK, WINDINGS and FIGHT LIKE APES, yet some of them are still waiting to get what they deserve...So listen in and enjoy! )
Cheers -

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