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dr.bollocko said:
Let's just hope that the answer to question one isn't secondary eh?

Says he who shuns the 'grammar' nazis

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Frada said:
I never had to do this exam. Should I be worried?

Yup, it's an indication of how old you are

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The purpose of the exam in my school was determine what level you were at and what class you should be placed in to. I would imagine the same questions come up every year and by giving her an advantage compared to others it could inflate her scores and put her in to a class where she won't get the necessary attention.
Just let her do the exam and see what class she falls into. Around Christmas time in first year the classes were re-arranged anyway to take account for those who might have had a bad exam day anyway.

Gah I hate this mentality of trying to prepare kids for utterly pointless exams such as entrance exams. I hope we don't end up like it is in the UK where there are grind schools for 11 year olds to make them exam ready.

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I remember the teacher gave us out sample papers and the Irish paper i got off him was the exact one that appeared for the entrance exam pity i never studied it properly oh well long time ago .

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Entrance exams really are nothing to worry about, nothing that you would need to "brush" up on or revise for, just a very general test. I remember freaking out when it was coming up to doing mine (and it was on a saturday) but i soon realised its nothing to worry about and once your in there, its grand

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"The cat lives in the box - Where does the cat live?"

Was a question on my secondary schools entrance exam.

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Frada said:
I never had to do this exam. Should I be worried?

You have to repeat Secondary and any subsequent further education AFAIK

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test doesnt matter that much really but the amount of cheating that went on when i was doing it was unbelievable


brummytom said:
You have to repeat Secondary and any subsequent further education AFAIK

Times have changed, he will have to repeat life!

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I was ****ting myself going into that exam hah.


bellapip said:
I know that there is a site SOMEWHERE!!! which allows you download a sample paper of what kids can expect in the entrance assessment for senior school, but I have searched and searched and I can not find it,.
I have asked the school where my daughter will be attending and they have told me not to worry about it, as it is not an exam, just a very minor test to give them an indication of where she is at.

That's all good and well, except in order for her to know what she should brush up on it would be great to have a look at one,.
If anyone knows I would be delighted to be pointed in the right direction, she is getting herself worked up and though I am trying to be calm and reasonable I do understand her fears.



Who studies for an entrance exam?

Tell her to go play in the snow slush.

An eleven/twelve year old shouldn't be worrying about exams.

And seeing that she is the type to get worked up over this I think she'll do juuuust fine.

(By juuuuust fine, I mean very well!)

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bellapip said:
No I am not looking for her to brush up with the actual exam, I was just looking for a previous exam so that she could have an idea of what to expect, I most certainly not condone 'Cheating' and as the post primary school keeps pointing out, it is not an exam, it is just an assessment.

The junior school is being very vague and saying revise, however they have never done winter or summer exams with the class over the years and she feels a little nervous about it, understandably as far as I am concerned.

Anyway, not to worry, I have asked in another forum and have been pointed to the 'Irish board of education' who give a guide to what the students should brush up on, which is exactly what I was looking for,.

Thanks for the help.


Isn't the above the point? Its an assessment of their current abilities with xyz, not what they have studied for over the last few days. Seriously, they'll do enough of that with the Junior and Leaving cert.

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Frada said:
I never had to do this exam. Should I be worried?

Yes. But unfortunately, its too late for you now Frada. Better just give up trying now.


The year I was going into 1st the two secondary schools in my town decided not to give itt see how it turned out,th year after the re-introduced it


so you know somones who is entering secondary school...and you want them to cheat on a small assesment.

unless the person is intellectually disabled or really really stupid......i dont see the point

you choose your subjects and dosnt go by who did the best on the crap assesment test

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