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Tayla said:
Couldn't find preview but found the midseason trailer showing the rest of what's coming in season 3

oh for **** sake
Spoiler (Show)

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TechnoPool Registered User

that ronny lad in a nut job

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calex71 Closed Account

AH that trailer spared me the rest of this painfully bad series , all the goodbits condensed into 2 minutes

baz2009 Registered User

Another boring enough episode.:/

'The Snitchuation' made me LOL, though.

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calex71 Closed Account

Ron's dad looks like an 80's porn star of the man o man type

nicklauski Registered User

calex71 said:
Ron's dad looks like an 80's porn star of the man o man type

And you know what one looks like, how?

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Yeah Buddy!!

calex71 Closed Account

Really the more this goes on the more obviously staged and scripted it becomes

The bottom of the barrel was scraped and now they are licking it for noms lol

Tamaradrama Registered User

Obsessed with the show can't tell a lie
Snooks is a star and as for m.v.p amaze <3
bring on italy i say

baz2009 Registered User

Can't say I'm disappointed that series is over.:/ Was a big 'meh'.

calex71 Closed Account

Was watching the new series of the hard times of rj berger, seems Vinnie is guest staring for a few episodes

snow scorpion Registered User

Italian newspapers slammed the MTV series, which debuts tonight [28 March]. The country is already bracing for a "Jersey" invasion for Season 4. "They embody the worst stereotypes of Italians, multiplied by thousands and Americanized," says one paper.

In fact, Italians are comparing the gym-tan-laundry loving pack of guidos and guidettes to the "worst stereotypes of Italians," with one person going so far as to say that Osama Bin Laden "had a point" in attacking the United States.

All I can say is Thank God for Google Translate. I'm already looking forward to reading tomorrow's newspapers from Italy for the Italian public's reaction to the gang.

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calex71 Closed Account

What is it about americans, if their great great great great........................ grand father was irish, they will say they are irish

Eh news flash , you're American dumb ass It's like they are ashamed to call themselves American or something

S.M.B. Registered User

Errrrrmmmmm, the fact that the USA is such a young nation with less than 250 years of history?

Of course you're going to latch onto the traditions and history of your forefathers when as an American you've got very little to draw upon yourself?

Anyway, series was as average as can be.

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