madrab Hosted Moderator

Anyone know what music is used in the new guinness ad?

It a banjo version of some song but its wreckin my head trying to figure it out

delaad Registered User

Think its called "Classical Gas", but can't recall the artist.

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Hill St Blue Registered User

Yep, it's 'Classical Gas' by Mason Williams. Don't know who plays the banjo version though.

ToTheSea: Registered User

Ha, just saw the ad and came on here to ask. Cheers

madrab Hosted Moderator

Now i remember where i heard it from, i have a load of clapton on my mp3 player & does a great version of it

Doctor Zaius Registered User

Did a bit of searching and what from I can see that banjo version of Classical Gas is played by Roy Clark.

No idea who Roy Clark is but that's what the internet is telling me. Hope that helps.

JulietLima Registered User

Zarkonia999 Registered User

As far as I can tell this is the same track as used in the ad...

It's by Janna Kim, a stunningly talented banjo prodigy from Uzbekistan.

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There's also a theory that the version in the ad is by Area Code 615

GrumpyMike Registered User

That's right. The version in the advert is the original by Bobby Thompson who was one of the session musicians who came together to form Area Code 615.

An mp3 can be downloaded from Bobby's page on

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