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Hi again, thanks for the help on my previous problem, I've just opened up the other laptop I was "asked" to look at.

It's a vista pc, and immediately on login, it goes to a privacy centre screen which gives (presumably dodgy) details of the myriad trojans, cookies and viruses on the pc. I presume there's a link so that I can "buy" it and help this guy out. Anyway, I can't even get past this screen - the 'x' close command is disabled. Same problem in safe mode.

Any help will be much appreciated.


Prenderb Registered User

I got in! Managed (through boot options) to get task manager running - killed the privacy centre processes and started explorer.exe. From there I could install malwarebytes (though I couldn't update it's definitions, internet problems possibly caused by the malware.) Malware bytes ran and cleared out 120 or so problems - then I updated and ran it again, whereupon nothing was found.

All seems to be in order now.

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