Alice10 Registered User

I'm looking for old mock papers for previous years to practice on as i have gone through most of the actual past leaving cert papers and would like more examples of questions in:

Does anyone know where i would be able to find them?

gant0 Registered User

You can't find them on the internet so your best bet is to ask some people who did them last year if they still have them lying could also ask your teachers as im pretty sure most teachers keep the past mock papers for use in class or material in tests such as mid-term and christmas.

dambarude Moderator

Could you ask your teacher?

TBH some of the questions asked in mock papers aren't the best. They wouldn't be as carefully planned as real LC questions. Good place to go when you've ran out of question material though I suppose.

Alice10 Registered User

I don't know anyone who has done the leaving in the past few years that I coukd ask.. and I cant really ask the teachers..

yeah I know they're not great but for geography, which hasnt been out that long theres only a few actual exam papers so examples of questions off the pres would be good for that..

And questions in chemistry and physics too..

they would be the three main ones I'd need..

MoyVilla9 Registered User

I'm a repeat, I'll have a look for to see if there's any of last's years lying around. If so, I'll scan them for ya. No promises though.

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