Charlie 08 Registered User

do anybody know the membership cost for the kingfisher/breaffy hotel gym/pool for a yr- Single membership.


Well I just checked there website there, no prices up so either:

Email them :
Download the membership form: Here or ring them: (094) 90 38585

Zxc01 Registered User

Well I was looking into joining it before Christmas and I think the last quote I got was €375, but all I want really is 3 months pool only..............

mardybumbum Registered User

Is there a reason why you are only interested in Kingfisher/Breaffy.
You could check out the gym at Lough Lannagh.
I friend of mine has a membership there and he was able to haggle the cost down to a very reasonable price.
Im sure you could try the same at the other two gyms.

Charlie 08 Registered User

thanks for the replies. Its really only the pool I'd be using. Is there another pool in Castlebar? Do Breaffy offer a pay-as-you-use system. Might check out Claremorris new pool also.

mardybumbum Registered User

The castlebar swimming pool?

detoxkid Registered User

I paid 360 for the year. Biggest waste of money as I never use it, however that is my problemo It is a beautiful gym and pool. The thing with them is that you do need to negotiate and also they give you these really special 'one day only' (BS) offers on membership And they don't seem to have set prices, it really depends.

legal eagle 1 Registered User

I paid about 375 last year for the Kingfisher, I only really used it for the swimming pool but, what i found was the pool was often cold and there was also a lot of classes on, so sometimes it was really difficult finding space. Alot of frequent swimmers to were very possessive of the lanes as well so all in all if its a pool based gym your after, i'd avoid the breaffy kingfisher.

yop Moderator

Is Westport an option for u?

dec25532 Registered User

Kingfisher took over Tuam pool and restricted the public hours available. Not a great bunch to be dealing with I'm told. Local schools will not avail of the pool because they upped the charges.

Zxc01 Registered User

I tried a free week in Breaffy. A fee swim in the new Claremorris and a free swim in the McWilliam.

The Mcwilliam was small, water cold and I didn't like the changing rooms
The claremorris pool had 4 lanes open with the swim club using 2 of the lanes for diving. so they were using 2 half lanes and the other 2 lanes had 3 swimmers in it.the changing rooms are weird in there also, showers are in full view of the pool. Not for me.
Breaffy, I liked.It suited the times I went and, I found the temperature of the water ok and not so busy. I liked it alot but I am not signing up for a year. only want 3 months.

I didn't try the public pool in Castlebar as I reckon that is crazy busy being public??

Charlie 08 Registered User

ya I guess westport would be an option. Thanks for all the opinions above...

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