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Woodlands have an attractive membership offer at the moment. I know they've been pursuing large membership numbers for a couple of years now. Just wondering if anyone knows how this has impacted on time sheets, casual mid week golf, course condition etc..

Location suits me. Would prefer first hand info..ah sure throw in the rumours too, seems the done things these days!


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A friend of mine is on the commitee there and I know a couple of members. My mate tried to get me to join a few years ago for 8 grand or something! To be honest I really dislike the course, it seems to be on some bad land because its always very soggy even in the height of summer some of the fairways and greens and really spongy and wet.
Not a bad back 9 and the club seems to be run well so try it out yourself and see what you think

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Im a member at woodlands and have been for over 20 years.
The club in the last year has increased its membership over that last year but up to that only half of the members were actually playing at the weekends so there isnt much of an issue getting on the time sheet apart from the usual sunday morning rush.
At the agm i december the comptition income to the mens club was the same as the previous year so even with the membership increase the comptitions arent full.
The club introduced online timesteets last year which really makes getting out easier and the club runs its comptition time sheets on Friday evenings, saturdays and sundays which is great even if you have plans for the weekends. .
Mid week golf is easy with a midweek open comptition on wednesdays that members can play for a fiver if they want to. I normally pop down in the evenings for a few holes and play till its dark in the summerwith no issues.
The course can get wet but no more than any other course, We have had the wettest 3 summers in a row, 10 years ago we installed sprinklers, now we dont use them. The course does get closed from time to time but this is done to prevent unnecessary damage being done to the course. I know that in the last few months drainage works has been carried to deal with the problem areas and a new machine for vibrating/sanding the greens is also on the way.
Woodlands is a members course, run by the members for the members not like other privately owned clubs where greenfees come first, I may sound a bit biast but I know a few people who left last year to go to "better" clubs but soon came back.
Hope this info helps you in some way,

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woodlands, in fairness to it, is right on the edge of the bog of allen which has a 2 fold effect on fairways / greens.... during the wet months obviously it would tend to be wet underfoot in place but during summer months youd be hard pressed to find greener , plusher fairways & greens.

i was a family members back in the early days when the terry & his bother whose name escapes me started a pitch & putt course when nobody from the working class was playing golf..... its why i and my family & neighbours play golf today. played everyday during summer months with my father when he was able to play regularily.... had some spectacular rows with him on that course.... brilliant brilliant memories.

havent been back in years , would be a blast.

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Cheers for input,

Grey Goose, how much are your weekend competition fees?
And finally is there a practice area (green, chipping, bunker or long game)

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Weekend comptition fees can vary from 5 to 7 euros depending on the comptition ( majors up to 10). There is usually an optional 2's club comptition for 1 euro extra which keeps you interested even on a bad day.
That last post who remembers Terry, you wouldnt recognise the place if you havent played it in a while. ( 2 million clubhouse included )
Terrys hut gone unfortunatly but the legend lives on..........

grey goose Registered User

I forgot to mention that there is an excellent practice Green for putting, chipping and bunker shots. (old 9th green up to 2 years ago so the same standard as rest of the greens). there is a practice area for short irons and it was proposed at the agm to get driving nets beside the 1st tee to help warm up. needed because first hole is a bitch.

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Was seriously looking to join this place and was gonna try get out at the weekend.......but tried to book a slot and the person in the office was ready to burst a blood vessel at me!! Puts me right off to be honest.

Any members of Woodlands out there can confirm that this is a rarity and redeem my interest in the place?

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Good man lawman - please dont let that put ye off - Most weekends have members competitions on .. Your best bet would be to play during the week if that suited ye .. course is improving still ... Let them know that you are interested in joining .. might get a round in for free !!

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Anto12 said:
Good man lawman - please dont let that put ye off - Most weekends have members competitions on .. Your best bet would be to play during the week if that suited ye .. course is improving still ... Let them know that you are interested in joining .. might get a round in for free !!

Thanks Anto12. We already got a three ball from a nice man called Pat but I tried top get out on Saturday early but I was roasted off the phone. I guess she was looking after the members needs first which is a good thing in the long run if I join.......but no need to be quite so rude methinks...

I'm sure I'll get to use my voucher soon....

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It is not a bad course.

They are improving their drainage as it does suffer from rain as it is on bog land.

Lack of head green keeper would be my worry.

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Ye probably wouldnt get out on a Sat morning with that as its members competetions time at the weekends .. before I joined I used to ring up the odd time looking if there were any green fee times available and the same person would say a resounding NO ... but since I joined I havent looked back - look forward to playing every weekend as ye can book your tee time online ( which helps)

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There is an Open Singles every Thursday in Woodlands. It's only €10 for a visitor. I am a member of Highfield and play Woodlands nearly every Thursday.

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There's also an open singles competition next Monday (bank holiday).

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i wouldnt worry about the lack of a head green keeper as i know one of the lads on the greens committee used to be over the killeen green keeping keeping and due to his input now, the greens are better than ever. He has writin out programmes for the work that has to be on greens and they are very close to having a full time head green keeper in place. Fine course with a lot of work after been done on it.. Tough test as well.. Not nearly as wet as it used to be with a lot of drainage work done in last year or so and plans to do a lot more with the cousre. If you do join i bet you'll love it. New catering crew in as well.. Lot of changes but all good. As above said get a round in, enjoy the game, wonder about the clubhouse and let us know what you think..

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