shanous Registered User

I've just put together a new rig but i keep getting the error "0x80070570" when windows installer is at the "expanding windows files". Hopefully somebody can help me out here.

Hardware installed:
ASUS P6T mobo
6gb DDR3 Corsair xms3
Samsung 1.5tb F3 HDD
Sony Ad7240S dvd rw
HD 5770
Corsair hx 750w

Trying to install windows 7 ultimate 64bit but its no use. Any suggestions?
During setup it say "Detecting devices, done. No devices detected" but bios detects my harddrive, managed to fix that problem by disabling jmicron controller in bios.
Using a burnt (legitimate I might add) image to install.
Burnt with Imgburn at x1 speed using sony DVD+R disks.

Can anybody help me out?!

kippy Registered User

Based on what I have seen before, I would try reseating your RAM or running a RAM test as you may have dodgy RAM.
That or there is an issue with the disk itself.

Could also be an issue with hardware drivers......
Theres a good few posts out there with similiar error symptoms and a good few different solutions to them, for example:

shanous Registered User

it also says "bootmgr is missing" on startup too. I have no OS installed so how do i fix this?

Anton.Mamyko Registered User

you have to get you HDD clean like new.
you have to get the cmd window up. i think it is in the repair section of the install
1- run diskpart.exe
2- select disk 0
3- clean
4 exit

that was the issue with Vistas anyway

Anton.Mamyko Registered User

and man, what are you doing on here asking questions about PCs??

remember to fill in you specs before posting!

how much was the rig and off which website?

shanous Registered User

thanks ill try that now

any ideas on the error from my first post?

just a tab over a grand, from ebuyer

DarrenMSP Registered User

shanous said:
it also says "bootmgr is missing" on startup too.

That dreaded screen

Anyway, I got the "0x80070570" before and it turned out to be the download of the .ISO got corrupted. So reburn it to a disk and see if it works or a USB.

Details on doing that here -

If it doesn't work I would try get another legal copy of the .ISO and try DVD/USB install again.

When your installing, be sure to format the HD you plan to put the OS on, when given the choice, but if you BootMGR is missing you drive is well formated

Good luck and let us know!

shanous Registered User

i can fix the bootmgr missing thing. can i use my ipod as the usb? ive wiped it completely and formatted it to ntfs

could it have anything to do with my bios version? 0801 at the moment

DarrenMSP Registered User

I couldn't see why not, if the iPod is NTFS and more than 4GB's in size.

I doubt its your BIOS but if there is an update for it try updating it.

shanous Registered User

i've updated to the latest bios, 0904 i think. created a bootable windows 7 installer on my ipod with the microsoft tool, changed bios to boot from it but all i get after the POST is a black screen with that annoying little underscore dude blinking at me in the top left corner!

DarrenMSP Registered User

Is your boot order set to USB first not HDD?

shanous Registered User

yup, changed usb to hard drive 1 in boot devices and to 1 is boot configuration

my memory is ddr3 1600mhz but bios is detecting 1066mhz, could this be it?

DarrenMSP Registered User

I'm not an expert on RAM tbh, but I think that might be the motherboards can't handle more than 1066mhz, if I'm wrong folks please let me know!

This might not work, but I used it to solve an issue like this before. If you can find a Vista disk, install vista (XP might do it either). If it works, you should be able to install Win 7 (Vista upgrade or Clean install) after this.

If you want to see if the rig is actually working before you go to that much work, get a copy of Dam Small Linux from here ( burn it to a USB and live boot it. Least that way you know the rig is defo working.

Fysh Moderator

Unless the RAM is outright faulty it shouldn't cause this sort of a problem - the discrepancy noted is most likely the difference between the RAM frequency itself and the front speed bus frequency on the motherboard. The system will default to whatever value works for all system components, and there shouldn't be any issues with the memory as a result.

Given the description of the issues at present, I'd suggest a twinned approach at this point: try the Win7 media on another computer to see if it works, and at the same time try out any LiveCD on your rig to see if the drives are visible & mountable. It could be that your drive's partition table is stuffed.

Regarding the failure to detect your hard drive, you could try going to the ASUS download page for your motherboard and getting the latest SATA drivers, extract them to a directory on a USB pendrive and use them as drivers during your Win7 installation.

shanous Registered User

fixed the problem! just changed my RAM speed in BIOS to 1600 and it worked a charm! Thanks for all the help

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