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Following on from another thread about the quality of TV in the 00's, what does everyone think were the greatest shows of the decade?

For me its 24. 24 (and Jack Bauer) broke every rule. The clock (and the occasional silent clock), the split screen, the complexicities of the plot, killing off main characters, the cliffhangers, the tension and the never knowing whats going to happen next.

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bathroom gurgle Registered User

Band of Brothers I thought was one of the best but I can't think of anything better just now so I guess it was the best for me.

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Aidric Registered User

The Sopranos.

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Photi Registered User

The Wire.

This decade and any decade.

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Photi said:
The Wire.

This decade and any decade.

I just fail to see how anyone who has given The Wire a proper chance and by this I mean watching at least the first season in full can pick any other show. Nothing else comes remotely close. If I was picking a runner up show it would be The Sopranos but if it was a race it would have been lapped by the time it finished second.


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The Office (UK)

Anton Chigurh Registered User

+1 For The Wire, it is in a league of it's own. Big fan of The Sopranos and Lost also but its gotta be The Wire. TV perfection.

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+1 for 24. Excellent show!

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Photi said:
The Wire.

This decade and any decade.

The only objective answer

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I watched the first season of the wire, I enjoyed it, good show. But that's it, I have yet to run to the shops for season 2, and I don't think I will anytime soon. It's a good tv show, but not nearly as good as it's hype propagates it to be.

I will give show of the decade to Lost, but only because I consider Band of Brothers a miniseries and so not in contention.

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pickarooney Moderator

must resist urge to strangle Wire fanbois.....

Six Feet Under by a nose from Lost. Honourable mentions to The Shield, Peep Show, The Sopranos, Breaking Bad and Mad Men

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Kiith Moderator

I'd pick either the West Wing or Band or Brothers.

Band of Brothers - Not much that i need to say about this really, other then its probably the one show that i will always remember, and will always recommend to people. The last episode, with the final interviews, really stirs up some strong emotions for me. Amazing piece of television.

West Wing - This fantastic show has some of the best writting in any program that i have ever seen. Snappy dialogue, fantastic characters, and some excellent stories definitely put this very close to the top of my all time favourite lists. I realise that it started on the 22nd September 1999, but thats close enough for me.

Other honourable mentions go to 24, Lost, and Battlestar Galactica.

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I am trying to get a definitive boards 2000s TV awards. Starting from Season 99/00 to season 09/10.


I have started the Sci Fi nominations as a test thread


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