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I can't access email account on my laptop. Explorer is working fine and even when I try to set up another new email account I get 'internet explorer cannot display the page. I set up a ms live account, have I blocked it in some way, the laptop seems to block all attempts at email or even setting up alternate acounts.


Could be Your host files infected, See this thread, seeing alot of this lately

sofia11 Registered User

Thank you for your reply and link. I followed the instructions and the host files had no long lists like on the link posted. I have no problem logging onto google its when i want to access email I cant do it. I had a hotmail live account but I cant sign in, its like when my laptop has the word 'mail' typed in I can't get past this. I cant set up an alternate account either, I tried gmail etc and its the same thing, very frustrating. It is like all email is blocked! Anyone else have this problem?

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