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Due to a misunderstaning by myself on the service fixmytax.com were offering, I would like to retract and apologise for the comments I made on this board in relation to their service.

puddie77 Registered User

Hi guys can any tell give me some sound advice to where i can find out if i'm due some tax back or not.i was on a few sites which claim they will get so much back for a 10% fee, i simply don't trust them.ANY HELP?

samhail Registered User

alot of people use taxback.com
Have used them myself for my australian tax back, i dont have any problems with them

If this is for your irish tax back then you can contact your local tax office yourself with your pps number and ask for a balance statement (forget which one off hand - can dig it up if noone else can suggest)

puddie77 Registered User

Thanks samhail...its irish taxback yes.

puddie77 Registered User

Taxback.com were working on a claim for me but after 8 weeks still nothing so i told them not to go any further, maybe i should have waited a little longer.

samhail Registered User

your looking for a P21 Balancing Statement.

Check out http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=2054891655
saved me a couple of hundred when i did it - hmmm which was about a year ago.

i saw some advertisement that with the new tax reliefs that came in that it might be worth while looking again.

samhail Registered User

puddie77 said:
Taxback.com were working on a claim for me but after 8 weeks still nothing so i told them not to go any further, maybe i should have waited a little longer.

going directly iirc only took a week or two at the time

RentDayBlues Registered User

Call revenue and ask for P21 balancing statement - they will go 4 years back so ask for each year.

You can also register for revenue's online service and do it that way.

Only thing about P21 is that it will also show them if you own them money but if you're confident you're owed tax back then call.

I did it last year for the previous 4 years and got €500 in total back, someone I work with got €2K!

puddie77 Registered User

Thanks alot really appreciate that. very helpful.

bobdole2nd Registered User

I wasn’t sure about doing it myself, so I used taxpal, they charged a fee but they informed me of refunds that I didn’t know about, nursing home fees that I pay towards and some medical fees, which made my refund a sizeable one

I would recommend them http://www.taxpal.ie

Fuhrer Registered User

Hi there,

I was trying to get some of my tax back when I stumbled upon a company called taxback.com who said they would do it for me.

Has anyone used them before?

They're charging a 21% levy which seems kinda steep to me but I have no idea on how to go about claiming all my tax back so it seems like it might be worth it.

Anyone got any opinons?

DoMyBooks Registered User

Theres' a number of companies offering this service including the one in my signature. That rate is the highest i've seen. We work at 10% plus vat.

shy Registered User

Hi Ya

Taxback.com charge 10% plus vat, Redoaks charge 12.5% + vat and other seem to either charge a fixed fee or 10%.

Why dont you ask some questions here and see if we can help you out with out having to pay some else 10%+ vat for something that is fairly easy.

Or pm me and ill tell you what you need to do as I do it for family and friends

boodlesdoodles Registered User

A lot of these companies also do what you can do yourself on line with PAYE Anytime for free. Its worth having a look at the Revenue.ie website, you can claim nearly everything online yourself.

Clodagh NiRiain Registered User

Just putting my two cents in - I used taxback.com for a few different things like US tax as well as my Irish tax and they've always been good. For Irish the fee was 10% + levy. There are lots of new companies in Ireland now but taxback.com have been around for quite a few years so they're trust worthy I think.

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