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Exactly what it says on the tin. It's kind of addictive. Expect lots of cocks no matter what time you are on, apart from that it's....interesting.

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The possibilities for freaking people out on this are endless.

Absolutely endless.

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I was flicking through yesterday...in the first 60 seconds of connect/next/connect/nexting I counted 4 cocks. Everyone is on the net is a wanker.

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AnonoBoy said:
The possibilities for freaking people out on this are endless.

Absolutely endless.

You should see some of the threads on 4chan.

Someone feeds a video of some girl into it, so everyone thinks they're chatting with a girl, and then the 'girl' will ask the guys to do all kinds of things to hilarious results. Either that, or some shock video.

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Oh man, i want to have some fun with this at home.


mike65 said:

When we said "pics" we meant GENUINE ones!


They are/were all live in the last 30 mins! My heart leapt when the girl in the white tee shirt came on and then sank when she disconnected from me Blown out cos I didnt have a camera.....

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Oh that's really weird! i just pretended I couldn't see someone because i couldn't find the 'next' button quick enough. eek!


I got fed back my own video by someone.

I'd thought I'd found Jimmy Joe my long lost twin but alas no.



Just saw:

Someone reenacting 9/11 with cardboard cut outs.
Dancing bags of weed.
Someone's bra.
Loads of cock.
A pretty Norwegian.
A dancing dude with his laughing friend.
Colm Meaney
More cocks.
An eye!

So how do I feed video into my Macbook webcam so I can play the video from the Ring to people?

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My mate got the Jonas Brothers. No joke! She screen cap'd it and all. It's gas!

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I got:

2 cocks.
4 guys wearing only underwear.
2 pretty girls who I chatted nicely to.
A fridge.
A teddy bear doing impressions.

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I'm terrified to try this. Something really unnerving about the idea.

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