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I remember years ago in the family home that had a fireplace there was a metal plate in the chimney. I think it was there to prevent drafts and I assume keep some heat in.

Now I am an adult I always look out for them but never see them. In trying to google I came across this site but I doubt it is the same thing as there is no way the simple thing we had would have cost €250 so anyone know what I am talking about and if so where to find one?

I just do not want most of the heat going up the chimney.

keithm1 Registered User

deflate a kids football you know the soft ones pop it up there and pump it up easy peasy
next question

cormie Registered User

I heard the same suggestion before, but with a balloon, but I think Saruman wants this to be in place while the fire is lighting. My home fireplace has the same, but I think it's more to heat the back boiler and send the heat up the back of the chimney.

Saruman Registered User

No i use the fireplace Keith, blocking it with a balloon or football would be pretty stupid. So no "next question".

cnocbui Registered User

Saruman said:

I just do not want most of the heat going up the chimney.

Then install a stove, it is the only way to get decent efficiency with burning solid fuel and it would totally eliminate drafts.

niloc35 Registered User

I've used the company in your link
I can tell you first hand to avoid them. We used them for your sitting room fire place, in high winds the metal plate that's supposed to stop the draft lifts in the wind and bangs down.
I've called several times and mailed explaining the issue, they said the metal plate was probably a bit light and they would sort it out. That was 6mts ago. They won't take my calls or reply to mails.
I since gotten a local engineering company to make a heaver plate and that works fine.
I could not recommend using

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