ParalysedBeaver Registered User

Dunno if this is the correct section, but anywho...

I work in a cinema, and am looking to make up our Sherlock Holmes standee (Not the cuboid one, the actual display one with cut out figures). Unfortunately it seems ours did not come with instructions. If anyone else works in a cinema and still has the instructions, is there anyway for you to get them up online for me to print?

Thank you in advance.

Sleazus Registered User

I can't help you, I'm afraid, but do you mind if I ask what happens to all your promotional materials after the film has finished up? If I were looking for a poster (or a standee), is it possible to get it from the cinema?

ParalysedBeaver Registered User

In our cinema, if the boss doesn't want it, then whoever outta the public asks us for it can have it. That goes for posters, banners and standees.

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