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After having a crown (lower pre-molar) adjusted to fit in with my bite, there remains a rough edge where the glaze on the side meets the filed back top of the crown. It it where the top of the crown meeds the side that is beside the neighbouring molar. And it is slightly below the other tooth iykwim? It irritates the side of my tongue quite badly and I have been covering it with gum for relief.

I have had a dentist look at it and he smoothed some of it with a few different disks and said that was more or less the best he could do as he could not get in at the rest of the area with his instruments and I may have to consider a new crown or remove the filling in the molar beside it to gain access. This seems a little extreme to me!

There is still a sharp/rough bit left. I can just about feel it if I click my finger nail over it. Could it really be impossible to smooth it off? I don't even want it polished, just smoothed so that I don't have that irritation to my tongue. I can floss there easily enough so couldn't he use those finishing strips to get in there?? Would it ever be the case that a dentist would not have any of these on the premises??

Any advice greatly appreciated and thanks for reading!

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fitz will know better, but in a couple of cases where this happened to me, i used bond to act as the glaze and it worked really well. i know it's not the most permanent though.

sudzs Registered User

Thanks for that ballymchugh! When you say not the most permenent, are we talking weeks? months??

I'm just afraid that I will be told it is impossible to do anything other than replace the crown... and my appointment is for 23rd so if this guy can't manage to do something then I'll be stuck over Christmas sticking bits of gum over it!

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Sudzs you dont have much luck with crowns do you . anyway its not a problem to polish a rough crown. Those discs can polish it nearly as smooth as the glaze. If the spot was in between your teeth would would not be able to feel it, Polishing is just making tiny scratches, you start making big scratches and use finer polishers untill the scratches are imperceptable. Again was this a remake, I remember you have a long history with a pic?

sudzs Registered User

Sudzs you dont have much luck with crowns do you .

No I don't !

It's the same crown actually, it was made too big (impeding my bite and now I have TMJ problems but thats a whole other story!) then was adjusted over 4 return visits and then I was left with 2 very rough edges. One edge right next to my tongue was eventually polished and was fine but the edge beside the molar still had that roughness where the glaze met the filed bit. The dentist refused or couldn't detect the rough bit so I went to my third dentist this year. It is he who said he couldn't get in at the rough bit and so maybe a new crown would be necessary. I'm afraid he might be trying to make a bit of money out of me rather than just file off a rough bit of crown! I can click my finger nail off it!

So you reckon he should be able to do that, even though it is right next to adjacent tooth (amalgam filling actually!) Maybe I wasn't clear enough when describing to him where the rough bit was.... oh gawd, this crown is a nightmare.

Thanks a mill for the reply fitzgeme, I'll never say a bad word about Irish dentists again!!! I'm in the UK and have seen 3 private dentists since the spring and as a result all I have is a shrunken bank balance, a sore tongue and TMJ problems !

fitzgeme Glorious Master Race

Sweet lord, you are not having a good experiance with crowns or dentists. But these things can happen anywhere in the world. Yes the cown can be polished smooth with enough effort, but IMHO i will never be as good as an origional glaze. Honestly crowns should not be this much hastle, usually you fit them and tast thats for a decade or more.

Keep us up to date.

sudzs Registered User

No, I never expected a crown to give me so much hassle. Fingers crossed my latest dentist can smooth things off for me on wednesday. I don't want anything near a glaze, just smooth will do!

The one good thing to come out of all this is that with all this exposure to dental treatment, I have lost my phobic terror of going to the dentist!

I'll let you know how I get on and thanks again, really appreciate the advice!

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Hi Sudzs, Just to let you know that I have a very similar problem to yours and got TMJ as a result. The problem crown is on a front upper tooth and the focus of my tongue is on a slight ledge on the back of the crown where the crown meets the gum. The initial focus was brought about by a root canal. Similar to you I can feel the ledge with a finger nail. Unfortuntely changing the crown did not resolve the problem as a slight ledge still remains. I am now in 2 minds about just changing this crown again or all my crowns (3) together by a specialist dentist. I have left the problem go too long and something will have to be done about it in 2010. I cannot tackle the TMJ problem until the crown issue is resolved. This is probably the same for you. In a way it is good to know that somebody has a similar problem to myself. Let’s hope we both get our issues resolved.

fitzgeme Glorious Master Race

Just to let you know a well fitting corwn should have no ledge.

sudzs Registered User

It's not the ledge I can feel nettlesoup, it's where the glaze on the side of the crown meets the top of the crown which was filed back to fit in with my bite. but equally irritating I'm sure!

Fitzgeme, is it at all possible that this rough edge could not be smoothed out? It is right smack bang next to the the amalgam filling and is lower than it too. And the top of the crown was filed off at a right angle to the side which is against the amalgam filled tooth. It's can't be an impossible task, can it?? Could he get in with a finishing strip or are they only for filing off fillings??

Sorry to be a bother about it but the last thing I want is to have to replace the crown and I'm getting so anxious about tomorrow now in case he tells me he can't do anything.

fitzgeme Glorious Master Race

sudzs said:
I Could he get in with a finishing strip or are they only for filing off fillings??

From what you told me I dont see why not, best of luck with it and keep us up to date.

sudzs Registered User

Well just back from the dentist. He went over all of the edge that is giving the trouble. My tongue is still a bit irritated and sensitive from leaving the rough edge uncovered since yesterday evening so that the dentist could see I wasn't imagining things! (the last guy who fitted this crown thought I was and refused to do any more to it!) So I am keeping the area covered to allow my tongue to recover before exposing the crown.

But the dentist said he has done all he can, he cant get in at teh actual edge of the crown as it is in beside the other tooth and he would have to take a chunk off the edge to round it off and then I would just end up having food stuck there.... so what I have now is a crown with the top sheared off at a right angle to the side against the tooth. So for all I know when I uncover the area I might end up with a lovely sharp edge to irritate me instead of a rough one!

I asked him if he could go in there with finishing strips but he said there was no way a finishing strip would be strong enough to smooth porcelain. And he reitterated that perhaps if the treatment hadn't worked then I might have to consider a new crown.

Thanks again for all the advice, will I let ye know how I get on when I take the gum off the crown.... or are ye all as sick of this crown as I am?!!

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Hello, I had a capping put on a front tooth today, there is some roughness on the front of the tooth. I noticed this after the anesthetic had worn off. Is this normal? Will the roughness wear off after a while. The dentist did spend time polishing it after the capping had been applied. Many thanks.

fitzgeme Glorious Master Race

the dentist can smooth that out no problem cappings are just fillings.

GER82 Registered User

Thanks, the dentist said that the roughness will go away after a few days but I thought that would be strange. He said if it hadn't, call in and he can polish it

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