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These images aren't from the vanilla FSX. I have UTX Europe, Real Environment Xtreme 2 and the water is altered using the brilliant FS Water Configurator with these settings.

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That looks unbelievable.

Theres something similar knocking around for FS9-it supposedly makes the sim very unstable though so I have yet to try it..

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Its not just an FSX mod. It should work with any D3D game including FS9.

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The link is broke to the file on mediafire- any chance you could upload it again/elsewhere?

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Ill try megaupload. Not really sure whats the best one.

fsxirishscenery Registered User

This is really nice!

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Thanks for this, works very well.

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I'm struggling to get some of the same effects as you on water etc.. Im using the configurator. Could you PM me by chance?

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