As above!! I'm looking for some ideas of what to use for bedding in my dogs kennel! In his last kennel there was built in insulation but this one is just a wooden box! I got him a sleeping bag and stuck it inside but he tore it out of his kennel and ripped out the stuffing!
I want to get him something that will help keep him warm, there are some lovely dog beds out there but he would have them ruined in minutes!! Can anyone recommend anything please??

Aoife00 Registered User

My fella's the same, wrecks everything in his own bed. However, he'll lie on a pillow covered with a fleece with his back to the radiator in the sitting room and be as good as gold! You could try hay and newpaper. They can't destroy them but might drag them all over the garden. Could be worth a try!

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Whispered Registered User

You could try a vet bed. I think they're pretty robust. My fella hasn't destroyed his yet anyway. I got back from town yesterday and he had opened up his lovely lambs wool pillow and had stuffing everywhere. I couldn't believe how much stuffing it had!

I'm not sure if hay would irritate their eyes? (I could be totally worng btw I would just imagine it might)

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CrowdedHouse Registered User

Vet Bed is pretty indestructible, warm and comfortable.

You can literally boil wash for cleaning.

Bit on the pricey side though, about €35 a metre,will last for years and years.

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Sigma Force Registered User

Vet bed is great, it's actually not too bad for a small or medium dog 2 feet of it can do depending on the dogs size that can cost around €12.00 a foot.
considering it lasts years it works out cheaper than a lot of bedding out there.

Another option would be to get some of slabs of Quinn or whatever insulation and fit them into the kennel and nail some marine plywood over it so the dog can't get at it so even if the dog moves the bedding out or starts messing the kennel itself will be a bit warmer.

I've been through a few kennels and so many of them let in water even if raised and faced away from strong winds etc. Eventually put a dog flap in the shed so much easier now their beds are at the back of it and stay nice and dry.

Although at this time of year bedding needs to be changed either daily or every 2nd day because condensation builds up and freezes.

I have bunch of fleece blankets (they dry really quickly but need to be put out on the line to blow the hairs off) and that's the first layer and then the vet bed on top, sometimes a cushion/pillow or Rogz mattress in between.

That's another bedding that might work for you is Rogz.
Vet bed is warmer than the Rogz though.

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Santrypad Registered User

Think we all in the same boat, dont know how but he managed to undo a zipper the lenght of it and take it out of the `pillowcase`.

Might also look into the vet beds.

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strawguy Registered User

Hi, I sympathise with your dilemma regarding pet matresses. I have used blankets, coats, foam...everything, but my boxer just tears them up and drags them out into the yard. If like me, you keep your dog outside, you could do what I have done. I use a straw bedding product designed for commercial farms (poultry, etc) that is about an inch in length. While having the above problems with my dog, I thought, why not try this bedding under the dog. So I now have a dog basket (plastic type) with a 2 inch layer of milled straw in it. The straw is v.short so he doesn't really pull out a lot with him. It is warm because of the trapped air. It is clean and it is medicated. Since putting my dog on it he is warmer and healthier (no fleas or mites). Maintenance is straightforward, a little tidy up every few days. For hygiene purposes I replace the bedding every couple of weeks. A bag will last forever! The used material can be composted or just put under some trees in the garden. Check out www.strawchip.com for stockists.

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Thanks guys, I did read about the vet bed stuff on another thread but when I actually saw the stuff in the pet shop I thought it could be easily torn apart!!!?? Maybe it's tougher than it looks??
Guineapigrescue, that sounds like a good idea for insulating the kennel, I might give that a go!! Your right though, the bedding needs to be changed a lot and some mornings the bottom of his kennel is damp underneath his bedding even though it;s raised off the ground! We do have a shed we could put him in but need to get to work on clearing it out because there's so much stuff in there god knows what he would get at!!! I think it's the only real solution, at least if he drags out the bedding it will still be inside and won't get wet!!!
I think ill get some vet bed anyway for now and see how he does with it!!

Unfortunately the straw isn't an option as his kennel is just outside and he has full run of the garden and when he tears stuff up he drags it everywhere!!! So, I could imagine him doing the same with the straw!!!!

TigerTim Registered User

One of the girls at work has a cut down cow mat in the kennel for her dog. They are quite big as they're for cows, about 1 inch thick made of some insulating material & will need to be cut to size. I priced them in the Agri store and they were too dear for me, about 50 euros. Pretty indestructible & easy to wash.


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Dee_animallover Registered User

We use straw/hay - its the only thing they wont eat hasnt irritated their eyes at all although hay can be a bit dusty when you put in new stuff but it soon settles down so we usually get straw (from kind farmer uncle!) With our first dog he used to chew everything or else drag it outside in the sun but hadnt the cop on to bring it back inside when it rained So we've used straw ever since. We thought he would make an awful mess too but you'd be surprised he didnt.

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