stevoxbx Registered User

The gf's been hinting that she wants a teddy for Christmas.
Want to do something a little more personal than just just buy 1 in a shop.

Is the teddy bear factory still open in Jervis?
Any idea how much 1 of their teddys cost?
How long does it take them to make the teddy?


Sharpshooter Registered User


There is a phone number for Jervis Street Center at the bottom of the above link,OP.

Give them a ring and they can let you know.

Lady <b>Always Fantastic</b>

There is also a teddy factory place on the top/3rd floor of Dundrum Shopping Center that do those customized teddy bears. site

JC06 Registered User

I think there's one in Stephens Green S.C aswell

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