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Just wondering if anybody on the Louth forum has experience of visiting a dentist accross the border. Just looking to compare prices with the south and to maybe get a recommendation of a particular dentist. Thanking you in advance.

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I have used Roisin McLarnon in Crossmaglen (048 30861100) and would highly recommend her. I think it was roughly half the price of using a dentist in Dundalk.

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recently went to south down dental clinic in newry to get an extraction under sedation .Was originaly booked into a place in kildare and the price i was given was between €550 and €600 fcuk that ! newry did it for € 250

Mr. Muddle Registered User

My husband was referred to South Down by his local Drogheda Dentist for a compacted wisdom tooth extraction, they were very good, cost around stg£280 as far as I remember.

South Down are not an normal clinic, you need to be seen by another Dental practice first, as far as I know they do minor surgery.

Nodster Registered User

Haven't used them personally but was recommended a Dental Practice in Newry called Farrell Staunton ph 048 3026 2322

gipi Registered User

I've been to Cloughoge Dental Practice, Forkhill Rd, Newry (left at the Newry roundabout so you don't even have to get into the city itself), no complaints and a good price too!

sudzs Registered User

Nodster said:
Haven't used them personally but was recommended a Dental Practice in Newry called Farrell Staunton ph 048 3026 2322

I have! Couldn't fault them.

I had a pretty awkward filling done with the help of nitrous oxide and it went very very well!

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Ballybot dental clinic (just round the corner from the Buttercrane centre).

Bog Butter Registered User

Many thanks for all the replies. I priced a dentist in Navan today and here are the prices:

Check up with x-rays: €45
Clean teeth: €70
Filling: €95

I tried ringing the dentists accross the boder but they are shut. Will post back again with comparitive prices when they are open.

Bog Butter Registered User

Just booked an appointment with Farrell Staunton in Newry

Check up - £25

Nodster Registered User

Just my luck - got three fillings off one of the local dentists in Ballybriggan during the summer, this morning one decided it was fed up with me and broke off, phoned the same dentist for an appointment and was quoted between €80 and €100

Bog Butter Registered User

Check up with x-ray
Filling (incl. removal of old one)
Teeth clean

Total: £127

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I broke 1 of my front incisor teeth in a game of Rugby and I rang my local dentist in Dundalk...The receptionist said it wasnt covered by medical card and that I would have to pay...I said thats fine I'll try a dentist across the border then she told me It was covered ny medical card so I asked for an appointment, as soon as I got in the room with the dentist she said it wasnt covered by medical card and I was told I had 2 options get a filling at 85 euro or get a crown at 450 euro...I told her I had a third option go across the border and price it ;-)
will let you know what price I am quoted

Verbatim25 Registered User

I got a price at cloghouge dental practice
£300 sterling for a Crown plus another £40 for an xray...She gave me a price 368 euro if I was to pay cash or with a laser card...20 euro more than the current exchange rate....if i had a credit card I would get the current exchange rate and it would be cheaper but alas I works out at 430 euro 20 euro cheaper than the dentist in Dundalk so not much of a saving

gipi Registered User

Bit confused - you were quoted 368 euro by Cloghouge, am I correct? The exchange rate for £340 is over 400 euro (on today), and you were quoted 450 euro locally, so isn't that a bigger saving than 20 euro?

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