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Hey there.

I'm going to get an MRI at the Hermitage Medical Centre at the end of the week. When I asked for directions, the centre advised me to get either the 25, 66 or 67 from the quays.

However, the 25 seems to only run once in a blue moon, and apparently it states it runs from Heuston (which would be handy for me, but apparently now it doesn't). I can't find the times for the 67 so I have no idea how often it runs, and the 66 seems to run often enough, but one site tells me the 66 and 67 are here yet another one told me they're on Pearse street too!

If anyone could clarify for me the best route to take (which would equal which runs most often and if it is ACTUALLY on the quays or is everyone like, just taking the piss) that would be really, really helpful and much appreciated.

And all this BEFORE they stick me into a fancy tube and force me to listen to classical music for an hour! God above....

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The 66,67,25 and 25a should all still have their terminus on Pearse Street - just about opposite the garda station. They would all have stops on the south quays too as far as I know.

All those stops are within a few feet of each other on Pearse St so it should be a matter of hopping on the first one that comes - just check that all are going past Liffey Valley.

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Are you limited to getting the bus from the City centre because you can get any of these busses below from Parkgate Street, which is beside Heuston station, the bus termini is on Pearse Street and they travel via the South quays and Parkgate Street and on past the Hermitage clinic, the bus stop is a 30 second walk from the train station, turn left from the station main entrance and cross the luas/pedestrian bridge and the bus stop is on the left.
The stop for the clinic is one stop past the Liffey Valley SC stop but it's a very busy road to cross so I would recommend getting off at Liffey Valley and using the footbridge there, it's about a 10 minute walk from the bus stop at Liffey Valley, on the return journey the bus will drop you off at Parkgate Street. P.S. Best of luck with the MRI.
Parkgate Street bus stop marked by (A) below.,-6.292441&daddr=&geocode=&hl=en&mra=dme&mrcr=0&mrsp=0&sz=17&sll=53.347657,-6.293578&sspn=0.00408,0.007178&ie=UTF8&z=17

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Thanks very much Vektarman!! I'm out in smithfield so it would be so much eaiser for me to get the 66 from Parkgate Street and getting off at Liffey Valley. You've really helped, it's just one less thing to worry about ^__^ Thanks!!

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You're welcome, and to save walking from Smithfield to Parkgate St. you can catch any of the Hermitage clinic buses from Ushers Quay, across the river from Smithfield. The stops are on the map below.

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The 25, 25A, 66, 66A, 66B, 67 and 67A all stop on Ushers Quay or Parkgate Street.

You can get off at Liffey Valley and go over the footbridge, or at the next stop at the top of the off ramp for Fonthill Road, walk down the off ramp (there is a footpath), turn right under the bridge, straight across the road and then left into the Hermitage once you have passed the roundabout.

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