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My 3 month old DD is teething. She has been with approx 1 month(no teeth yet). The last couple of days have been a nightmare , she is constantly crying except when feeding or asleep. She has been drolling alot massive red cheeks & chewing her fists & is very cranky. She is too small to hold a teething ring or anything. It says on the bonjela that it's for 4 months & over but I've given her some but it hasn't worked anyway.
She was also very hot a couple of times so I had to give her some Calpol & this worked for a few hours. It is affecting her sleep during the day but not her night sleep so far thankfully.
Any ideas on what to give to ease her pain & my sanity


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Nelsons Teetha Granules. Homeopathic formula can be used on young babies. If you're breast feeding try and freeze a bit of breast milk and give it to the baby to suck on kind of like an ice pop it will soothe the gums also.

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Like adrienne, i use the teetha granules for my little one.. It's great for calming babs down when they're very upset...

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Hi Bumbleroot.

Is the bonjela which you've used a new pack? The reason I ask is because only the bonjela teething gel is suitable for babies, but it should be suitable from 2 months.

Another vote here for nelsons teething granules.

Poor baby

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There was a write up in the paper recently about bonjela and use on babies for teething apparently it's not as suitable as some might think... I'll have a rummage for the article and post it.

ETA: Never mind, only bonjela cool mint gel mentioned...

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we are currently using the teetha gel (its like bonjela) as the granules didn't really work with our daugther, most pharmacy's don't stock it as much as the granules though, sam mc cauleys and boots do the gel too...it worked a charm for us. (we also put it in the the fridge as the cold helps sooth the gums), as far as i know there isn't much you can do with the drooling other than a plastic backed bib (we put it under her top to stop it getting in her way but yet to keep her chest dry to avoid infections) and as for the teething ring, try a cold metal tea spoon on the gums to cool them, just be careful she doesn't bite on it. some children i've heard chew on anything from a bib to a remote control...i don't think you have to have a teething ring.

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Go up North or get someone going up to get Dentinox Teething Gel, it is great my Daughter had teething pains from 3 months or so and it worked a charm. Not available in the south unfortunitely. Think its less than a pound per tube.

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Thanks Guys, Got the teetha gel she seems to like the taste of it but alas it hasn't stopped her bawling.
Sill has really rosy red cheeks that are on fire but no temperature not dribbling as much either & she actually slept for 3 hours yesterday afternoon.
She still has no teeth either, could this go on for months before she actually gets teeth?

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My ds started at this when he was 9 weeks old, he's over 4 months now and still no sign of a tooth! I use the teetha granules too, but the only thing that really gives him relief is Nurofen for babies. They can start taking it at 3 months and it is way better for teething than Calpol as it is an anti-inflammatory as well as a painkiller. It works for my ds in about 5-10 mins. The first time I gave it to him it freaked me out as he had been crying for about, I dunno, 3456 days, and suddenly he went to sleep and slept for 6 hours without waking. I had to keep checking him to see if he was breathing (neurotic me). The poor bugger was so exhausted from crying & pain that he just panned out. Now when he sees me coming with the bottle he gets all excited and opens up his mouth, smacking his lips before I've even poured the stuff out. I think he has junkie tendencies so I try to limit it to twice a day on bad days and just the teetha granules on good ones. At times I'm tempted to neck a bottle of the stuff myself, but I'll stick to the Scotch for now.

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Think i'll try the teetha granules now as the gel has no effect, Calpol doesn' work for long now either so I'll get the nuorfen tomorrow.
The poor little mite maybe she'll have a tooth for Christmas.

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My daughter has a teething necklace works like a charm along with dentinox it is amazing stuff she loved the taste and never complained once she has 4 teeth now and is 9 months old, i ran out a week ago and she is fussy so i ordered more on ebay it works so well


I find the new era tablets from the health shops much better than teetha.. They dissolve very quickly in the mouth.. My baba's firsst tooth tip appeared yesterday (on the day of his christening)

Also I think calgel (get it up the north) is better than bongela.

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I don't know why I approved that anon post on a 2 and a half year old thread. It's probably safe to assume that the OPs child is no longer teething.

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