DublinDilbert Registered User

Hi All,

I'm wondering where the best place around Dublin to source simple/plain light weight ceiling roses from?

The only ones i can find are made from plaster and quite ornate.


Davy Category Moderator

Any wholesalers. Even likes of B&Q or woodies, but the price would be quite steeper.

Prenderb Registered User

How about the large multiple DIY stores? I know they do coving in lightweight material ( think it's called artex, and looks a lot like polystyrene) so maybe that range has ceiling roses too...

cossworxenergy Registered User

i use cef finglas. very cheap

DublinDilbert Registered User

Hi guys,

Thanks for the replies...

Sorry should of mentioned that i'd checked B&Q, Homebase + Atlantic already. They all have really fancy plaster ones, i just want a few basic ones.

Should also point out i'm not looking for Electrical Ceiling Roses / Light fittings, but the large round thing that sticks to the ceiling above/around it.

Where is CEF in finglas?

Thanks again.

GreeBo Registered User

B&Q do pretty simple ones made of foam, I have them in all my rooms.
Various sizes and not ornate at all, I think they are €22

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