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I'm trying to help my dad get access to his Vodafone Wireless Broadband on a dell Laptop. The laptop doesn't have wi-fi so he bought a Belkin Wireless G+ MIMO Notebook Card and I installed the software for him.

When it shows nearby connections it doesn't always show the vodafone as being strong and doesn't always keep the signal on screen, the WEP key we connect with doesn't work either.

Prior to this I tried on my own (newer) Dell laptop with wireless capabilities, to connect to the same vodafone signal and it doesn't work for me. His Desktop (XP) & new Acer laptop (Windows 7) both pick it up but I wasn't there when him and my sister installed the new broadband. Maybe the WEP key was taken down wrong.

If so, how can I confirm the key?

PS. I apologise if any manual explains this - the computer room is a mess with paperwork and manuals.

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Your best bet is to connect to the router/modem by ethernet cable.

What you do next depends on the make of router - generally you can gain access to the settings by entering either or into your browser. (for eircom users its usually)

You will then normally be asked for a user name and password - often these are admin and admin or admin and password.

You should then be able to access your security settings.

You should be able to access the handbook for any router via the manufacturer's website.

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