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Will's mother in the in-betweeners!

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anybody watch "two and a half men"
charlies latest bird chelsea is real life milf. her names is jennifer taylor in real life.
miriam o callaghan off of prime time but thats probaly been mentioned.
If were talking porn go onto and check out lady sonia.
Im a bigger fan of nina hartley but lady sonia is up there.

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horsebox1977 said:

Not bad at all. In fact id prefer her to the OPs wan.

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DecTipp said:
kristal summers definition of a M.I.L.F


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vinylmesh said:
People on this thread are wrong. Milfs are more like the women you see in real life, they are not perfect women who have been made to look younger than they actually are.
A milf has curves, her skin is starting to wrinkle and her boobs are starting to hang. The whole thing about milfs is that it would be durty to have sex with them.

I believe you have MILF mixed up with GILF.

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TechnoPool said:
the first pic is fairly rough now, look how wide her shoulders are.

She has the body of a Tranny.

Be gone, and hand your manhood back in at the front desk on your way out

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brendansmith Registered User

brendansmith said:
Not bad at all. In fact id prefer her to the OPs wan.

Jesus I cant get over it. Those women are beautiful. I would have my doubts about them being 50 though

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MagicMarker said:

Now this is a MILF!

That's not a MILF that's a MWNAB

Spoiler (Show)


Nice hiding of the Adam's Apple there.

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AnonoBoy said:
Nice hiding of the Adam's Apple there.

for all you adams apple fans.......

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Top 5

Audrey Hepburn (the best looking woman I've ever set eyes on)
Helen Mirren (the best body Ive ever seen on a 63 year old woman)
Miriam OCallaghan (8 children and still hot)
Monica Bellucci (I have no idea what she is saying half the time, but does it matter when you look like that)
Kate Garraway (best boobs on breakfast telly)

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