There's already been chatter about Christmas FM in this forum so I thought it might be nice if we invited them in to talk to us!

Please welcome Ronan from Christmas FM - ChristmasFM (Ronan).

Christmas FM is a charity radio station on 100.3FM in Dublin, on 106.07 in Cork and online at this link here:

They're a volunteer station - everyone is doing it for free, for the enjoyment and to raise awareness and funds for the Simon Communities in Dublin and Cork. Everyone who is working on it can be found here.

Now, d'ye know what I'd like to do? I'd like to create the definitive list of Boards.ie top Christmas songs and get the lads to do a segment on that, live on air. What do ye reckon?


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D4RK ONION Category Moderator

Fantastic idea Darragh, and welcome, Ronan so, would you like everyone to give their top 10 and take the average, or would you like for us to come to an agreement (ha!) on our top 10?

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Tom Dunne Comfortably numb

Darragh said:
Now, d'ye know what I'd like to do? I'd like to create the definitive list of Boards.ie top Christmas songs and get the lads to do a segment on that, live on air. What do ye reckon?

Excellent idea.

I'll get the ball rolling with Dan Fogleberg - Same old Lang Syne.

Make sure and let us know when it will be on.

Ginny Hosted Moderator

Damn you Tom you robbed mine, I'll have to go with:
Frankie goes to Hollywood- The Power of Love.


Hey Guys and Girls,

Thanks Darragh for starting off the thread and supporting what is a great cause - Putting an end to homelessness through the Simon community (our charity partner).

First off for those that have never heard of Christmas FM, its a non profit social enterprise that plays non-stop Christmas music and broadcasts in Dublin on 100.3 and 106.7 in Cork. We also stream live on the web on ChristmasFM.ie Everyone that works there is a volunteer, giving their time free of charge.

By tuning in and spreading the word about the station you are helping raise money, so its hugely appreciate. If your in a position to, please consider helping the homeless in any way you can.

I think running down a boards.ie top ten is a great idea, lets set up a poll or something.

Currently judging from the texts coming in the top five would look something like this, in no particular order:

1. Pogues - Fairy Tale of New York
2. Wham - Last Christmas
3. Mariah Carey - All i want for Christmas
4. New Song - Christmas Shoes (this was huge on the station last year and took us totally by surprise, you either love it or hate it)
5. Band Aid - Do they know its Christmas time

Although it changes daily as the texts flood in on 57199, so text Xmas and your favorite song to get it played, texts cost €1 and all proceeds go to the Simon community (haha that reads like an on air plug).

We also are running a song contest to get a new Christmas song for 2009, Jules is sifting through applications at the moment but we'll need your help to pick the best one from the short list which will be announced on Friday.

Also wanted to publicly recognize the businesses that sponsor the station because without their support it simply wouldn't be possible to do what we do. With the floods this year, far too many many people are homeless and in need.

Ok so what's your favorite song... and why?

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Sharpshooter Registered User

Hi Ronan, 0/

Fairy Tale of New York.

Of all the Christmas songs out there, this is the only one that lets me know the Christmas season has truly begun.

It makes my heart dance everytime I hear it.

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lockie83 Registered User

Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You.

ibarelycare Hosted Moderator

My all time favourite Christmas song is Stop the Cavalry by Jona Lewie! I have the trumpet bit as my ringtone

Ronan, I love ChristmasFM, couldn't wait for it to come back on this year, have been listening to it in the car since Saturday. I'm going to be all Christmassed out within a week

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Cathmandooo Gifterator

Love Christmas FM too

One of my top favourites (very hard to pick a particular favourite)

Walking in the air - Aled Jones (being played now)

It always makes me feel very Christmassy and reminds me of being young with the excitement of Santa.

ro09 Registered User

Slade - Merry christmas Everybody

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Mollywolly Registered User

I Believe in Father Christmas by Greg Lake. Makes my heart melt every time I hear it


Great choices guys,

No-ones mentioned Driving home for Christmas!! Thats one of my favorites and for some reason i can't get this song out of my head at the moment.

Hey if anyone has idea's, feedback or suggestions for the station please let me know and i'll pass it on.

Toto Wolfcastle Up and at them

I just came in to mention Driving Home For Christmas. I love it!

I have some feedback! Can you let the man and woman who were announcing the competition winner this morning that it's not 'bows' of holly, or 'baubs' (???) of holly, it's 'boughs'. That annoyed me!

I've been listening all week in the car and am looking forward to a long drive to tomorrow with Christmas songs the whole way.

jellie Registered User

I love Christmas fm! i listen to it in work, cheers up my day

my favourite christmas song is "oh holy night". im not overly religious but hearing it at mass on christmas eve always gives me goosebumps.

oh & im one of the haters of that new shoes song. wrecks my head. its ALWAYS on?!

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WoollyRedHat Registered User

Has to be the Christmas Song for me by Nat King Cole, really gets me into that snuggly,relax in the sitting room with the smell of the Christmas tree.

Then after that White Christmas by Bing Crosby and Little Drummer boy by David Bowie and Bing Crosby.

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