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Not sure if this is the right place to post this or not, so mods please feel free to move it if its in the wrong forum.

I caught the end of Ian Dempsey on Today fm this morning, saying somethinga about gift grub live coming to Cork in March 2010 - anyone have more information, or did I even hear that part correctly?

Would make a great Christmas pressie for someone if it is true



It really really really belongs on the radio, not live.

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Frada Registered User

Moved from After Hours.

Menengrothâ„¢ Registered User

saw it in Vicar Street and it was pretty damn good

buzz55 Registered User

I reckon it'd be pretty good, worth a punt anyway.

how much were the tickets for Vicar St.?

Outkast_IRE Registered User

opera house websites says tickets on sale fri dec4th

munstercork Registered User

I saw him at a Munster Rugby dinner and he was excellent.

themonboys Registered User

Oh, can't wait

CFC007 Registered User

Gutted I missed out on those anybody got 2 spare?

suppafly Registered User

Man i would have loved to have gone too. I should sign up for their newsletter so i don't miss out the next time

whocares86 Registered User

went to see it over the weekend in the opera . it was class. great show

rebel.ranter Registered User

In the good ol' days he performed at one of our technology conferences. He was actually very good live.

parkerpen Registered User

A great laugh

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