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Today's evening Herald ran an article about a zombie film shot right here in Ireland. Looks quite promising so far.

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Some pretty cool stills from the Irish made zombie film Portrait of a Zombie have been released. The film is due for release next year. The teaser trailer goes live in 5 days time at
The makeup effects look pretty slick.

Sure would be nice to get a really decent horror film come out of Ireland for a change.. Here's hoping this is it.

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Cattleforker Registered User

looks great. look forward to seeing it. Any release date?

Kevin McGahern Registered User

looks great. fair play to the make up girls. that **** was off the hook lad

Galvasean Registered User

More stills; Guns n' gore, horay!

allanb49 Registered User

looks good, very good,
where was it shot. the last still with the AK looks familiar

Galvasean Registered User

allanb49 said:
looks good, very good,
where was it shot. the last still with the AK looks familiar

Most of it was shot in Finglas (includingthat pic). There were also scenes shot in Ballymun and the city centre.

allanb49 Registered User

wow i was way off i thought it looked like columbanus near the windy arbour luas. ooops, is it a straight up horror, or is it light hearted, dark humour, etc will it be shown in the IFI or general release,

Galvasean Registered User

It's a horror/comedy, with the emphasis on very dark humour. It has docu/mockumentary stylings too.
I'm not sure about the release, but I'm guessing limited release. I'd be mazd ifthe IFI didn't pick it up.

Medea616 Registered User

awesome looks freaking cool! You should inform the number 1 horror website in the world!

pipqueak Registered User

Stills look really impressive. I think I read about this is the Herald a few weeks back.

Galvasean Registered User

Forgot to mention there is a Facebook page where you can get updates etc. (act fast though, as friend space is limited!):

And a more general fan page (doesn't have as much content yet, but will soon):

Kar Lau Registered User

yea looks cooler than described to me. A friend of mine asked me to be a zombie in this flick as a favour to her bro as he's making the film but I was in Rome, bad timing, woulda been cool to be a zombie!

Galvasean Registered User

Nice to see some of the online bloggers have begun supporting the film.

Trailer is up tomorro, I'm so excited!

Almost forgot, there is a little behind the scenes sneak peek up on the Facebook pae. It involves guns and screaming


I am surprised you didn't post about this in the horror forum.

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