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Have a 4 month old bichon frise - and i was just wanting to know if anybody could recommend any groomers in the Dublin area for her?

I know she doesnt need done yet but i would just like to get a name or two of good dog groomers in the area.

Thank you

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I've heard are very good - you'd want to ring now for an appointment in say Jan/Feb. The lady there also recommends a lady in Bray and a lady in Ringsend so if you want those contacts I can pm them to you/or if you're talking to the lady in Dogsbody.
We go to Doggydoos in Balbriggan and find them quite good. Paddy & Faye are pretty well qualified.
There's also - we went there a few times and whilst they did a decent job, for our dog (a Lhasa Apso) it was just a very generic cut rather than one tailored to her breed.

I'm sure there's more others will suggest/recommend

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