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Anyone been to Fuerteventura in december. Where is a good place to stay for two " young " mid fifty year olds.
Any ideas

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Not December but have been in October twice, weather was good with temp around low to mid 20's.

As for where to stay, it really depends what you want. Corralejo is the main resort in the north of the island and seems to be 80% Irish & British visitors so the restaurants and bars will cater for this market. The Sand Dunes just outside the town are a national park though can be a bit rocky right at the sea.

Jandia/Costa Calma is in the south and has 80% German/Scandanavian and caters accordingly. One of the beaches is 14Km long. Seems to have better roads and facilities down here.

Costa Caleta is around the middle and I have never been there, seems to a bit like a mini Corralejo though from what I have heard.

El Cotillo is a small village in the north west and is close to being one of the original fishing villages that all the travel companies assure you that you will find dotted around the Med etc but are usually over developed. A couple of small restaurants and bars.

For more info try, They are friendly enough and will get some good advice on where to go. The membership is overwhelming British/Irish so you will get most info about the north of the island. A lot of the members have apts for rent so you might get a good deal there.

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Thank you for that info. I will check out site also.

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Been to Lanzarote recently and i seems to be popular with people your age group. Temperatures should be in the high teens or low 20s. And there is a boat trip to give you a taste of Fuerteventura.

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nosmo-king said:
Thank you for that info. I will check out site also.

A couple of tips; rent a car from the airport as a taxi to either Corralejo or Jandia is 40/50 Euro each way. A car is available from for between 90 and 150 for a small to medium sized car including insurances. The best beaches are outside the towns so a car more than pays for itself.

All the beaches outside the towns are clothing optional so don't be surprised when you see people completely togged off.

Get around and see some of the island, its much more scenic than Lanzarote.

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my parents go to Corralejo every mid Jan and temp is always great they absolutly love it and even tho they look thru different brocures they always settle back on Corralejo. they also are "young" 50yr olds, like newlywed's the pair of them, so sweet really enjoy your trip

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Thanks for all the info folks.

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