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i have 2 routers Linksys WRT54GS2 which is connected to internet and another Netgear WGR614v9.
I am unable to setup wireless repeating in netgear with linksys. I used the same sid, mode b&g, same channel and security = wep with same key.

The netgear router still showing link rate = disconnected in router status. Seems like we can only use wireless repeating with other netgear routers not with linksys or any other brand. is this true?

Let me describe what exactly i am trying to achieve:
1. I have 2 routers, 1 is connected to internet
2. i have a Vonage modem which has an ethernet port. This modem can only be connected through an ethernet port.
i want to use this modem in a far room where it is not possible to connect through wires. I thought i can use my another router, netgear, to extend the network in far room and then connect vonage moden to it.

If in case I can not use netgear and linksys together then let me know what are the other possibilities, shall I buy a wireless bridge or wireless switch?

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That sounds a bit like what I want to do. I have a wireless router in one part of the house but the connection keeps getting dropped in another part (very thick stone walls). My thought was to have a cable from the router connected to the internet to the part of the house with the poor signal and then another wireless router. But would the two routers interfere with each other?

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Maybe you might connect the two routers with two of thos 'netplug' devices that connect IP traffic through the mains wiring of the house. I haven't used them myself though.

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