dubious Registered User

I am looking to start a yoga class in Dublin - maybe around Baggot Street / Ballsbridge area. I found two schools - Hush and Oscailt. Does anyone know anything about these or can recommend any other classes? Thanks!!

serenacat Registered User

i dont know these. what type of yoga are you after? most gyms offer it.
In crunch they do it.

I did power yoga on foster ave before on tues at 8pm (i think) for an hour was really good, don't know where in town other than gyms that offer it.

I love yoga its great you get so flexible and its relaxing.

herya Registered User

There's Yoga Dublin in Charlemont - bit further away along the canal but they have many teachers and a choice of classes every day, good chance to find what you like.

dubious Registered User

I'm not sure what type I am looking for - I am still quite new to it. I want to do it for relaxation, do you know what would be the best type?

I will check out those places, thanks for the suggestions!

herya Registered User

For relaxation you should probably try "plain" hatha yoga classes or anything labelled specifically relaxation. Power yoga, vinyasa flow or ashtanga are usually faster moving classes although it really depends on the teacher. Have fun

sillymoo Registered User

I love samadhi in Temple Bar - very relaxing classes


dubious Registered User

thanks a million that looks great, it's good to know now what I am looking for

Omega28 Registered User

is there any classes for beginners on the northside where u can just drop in and not have to pay for 6 weeks in advance?! thanks

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