I may be over selling it but for those who struggle with putting I have recently made a slight change to great results. Perhaps you might like to try it.

Its based on a clip on you tube from legendary putter Ben Crenshaw.
He simply states when he was young, his coach, suggested people should putt like they chip.

Well with a little modification, I started putting this way. Its given me great feel for distance plus better control of the putter head. I also have a better view of the line of the putt. Which is helping also.

Basically, open your stance a little, forward press of the hands, head down and roll the ball forward nice and smoothly.

I know its against everything being thought in the game but hey, it works for me.

stockdam Registered User

I've been putting with an open stance for many a year. It helps me to see the line of the putt.

On the other hand Gary Player used a closed stance and he wasn't a bad putter either.

Closed, open, square - whatever suits.

There's no quick route to success though - many, many hours on the putting green are required to be a good putter. Hours that sadly I no longer can justify.

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