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Hey Folks,
I have a 1 year old Westie cross. I suppose I noticed the problem at the start of the summer when he (the dog) was given a bone at a BBQ. He cried and was in distress after eating it.
We usually feed him dry food but noticed anytime we gave him wet food or meat scraps he would have this problem.
In the last month he is getting distressed when eating his normal dry food. he would get very distressed and cry. Usually dragging his bedding all over the house.
I was told that he may have a problem with protein so I am feeding him Iams Light which seems to be the lowest protein food I can get locally (20% protein). I am also trying to feeding his portions in half's over an hour. Although he is slightly better this way, it would be impractical to space his meals over any longer period of time plus I am conscience he has lost a little bit of weight since being on the Iams light.
I also have tried feeding him and then go for a walk for about 20 mins to take his mind off it, however when we get back he gets distress again although he would be fine during the walk.
It would last for about an hour,,,
His stools are fine and otherwise a very happy dog and there doesn't seem to be any problem with his teeth
Has anyone had the same problem with their dog?


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Its quite possible the bone splintered and caused some damage to his mouth or throat. When he is eating food it's obviously causing him pain. Have you taken him to a vet to take a look?

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Nobody on here can give you a definite answer you need to take your dog to see a vet. If your dog has been displaying this behaviour since the start of the summer then he has been suffering for 5 months, can't really get my head around why you've only decided to take action now tbh.

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As previous poster said, it sounds like bone may have damaged him slightly. Dogs shouldn't be given cooked bones as they splinter and break up and will rip the dog's throat. You should also leave it an hour or so after feeding your dog before walking him.

andreac Registered User

Please take this dog to a vet asap as it sounds like theres something wrong with the poor fella.
I would never leave a dog so long when its clear its in pain.

Have you ever had this checked out by a vet at all??? I would have brought him months ago when this started, hope the little dog is ok and there isnt too much damage done to him.

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Hi Dubrub,

Sounds like the bone has caused a problem or indeed is causing a problem, it may still be lodged somewhere.

Don't worry about not going to the vet sooner, the important thing is that you get him there now, if that bone moves he could die.

good luck.

ghost_ie Registered User

Bring him to the vet asap. Whether or not the bone had anything to do with it he's in pain and he should see the vet immediately

Dubrub Registered User

Thanks for the replies. My friend is a vet and has inspected the dog. Although I will admit it wasn't a full inspection.
I dont think it is a splinted bone, more of a reaction to having meat or high protein because if he is given meat he will he will hold it in his mouth and will start to get stressed, this will also happen if he has a dental stick ect (I dont give him either because of this)
I've consulted a dog behaviorist and thinks it is a protein issue. Guys this it is something I am obviously trying to fix and it is not the case that I am leaving the dog in pain as I've tried nearing everything I can think of and I'm hoping by posting here someone may have had the same problem with their dog.
I'm even thinking this dog may be vegetation.
I will get my friend to carry out a complete examination.

zuroph mo-duh-rator

how about the tougher stuff to chew is causing the problem(meat and dental sticks), tooth injured by the bone perhaps.

anniehoo Registered User

Dubrub said:
My friend is a vet and has inspected the dog. Although I will admit it wasn't a full inspection.
I dont think it is a splinted bone, more of a reaction to having meat or high protein because if he is given meat .

Im not quite sure how an external exam is going to be of benefit tbh, regardless if your friend is a vet or not. If theres an internal problem (oesphageal stricture, lodged foreign body, inflammation) this will only be diagnosed by xray or endoscopy.

Also, im not quite sure what you mean by a "protein reaction". A dog shouldnt cry when given meat and any reaction id expect if theres a problem with protein is gastrointestinal issues or allergy, not what you've described.

It could also just be behavioural whereby its an excitement or anxiety issue with food too.

ghost_ie Registered User

He may have hurt himself with the bone and now associates eating with pain. Try feeding him mashed potato with minced chicken and a little gravy. If he eats this with no problem gradually add shredded chicken with the mince and make the mashed potato lumpier. Also reduce the gravy. Once he gets used to this start reducing the potato and start adding small amounts of dry dog food. Continue reducing the potato and chicken and replacing it with dry food. I've never had a dog with this problem and am basing this on what I went through with a baby who refused to eat anything unless it was pureed to a complete mush (she's now 23, is getting married next year and will now eat anything ) and on how my father fed a very small kitten whose mother had been knocked down and killed but it might just work for your dog

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Dubrub this is certainly an interesting one, Will you please keep us posted on his progress.

andreac Registered User

Dub rub, i would urge you to bring it to a vet asap and get her checked out properly. The dog could have inernal damage, hence the cyring in pain, so a quick once over by your friend wouldnt be able to diagnose a protein problem, which i very much doubt it is as ive never heard a dog crying/yelping in pain from protein.

Secondly, a dog behaviourist isnt qualified in animal medicine so couldnt diagnose anything of the sort, so please, for your dogs sake, bring it to a vet and have it checked out properly. It probably needs a scan or xray to see if theres any internal damage done and this cannot be diagnosed by just a quick once over.

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A dog behaviourist.....

star-pants Closed Account

Yillan said:
A dog behaviourist.....

Care to explain how that's a helpful comment?

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