yusufmc Registered User

hi have eircom 7mb bb, live about 1 mile from the exchange.
just bought a DLink Dir 825 router and billon modem (for bridging), and its for the playstation 3 network.

im having a problem, did a ping test on pingtest.net and i cannot get a packet loss test, is there any setting or way i can fix this.

if you can help me i would be grateful cos ive tried eircom support and
you prob know how good they are.

regards joe.

eskimo Registered User

Can anyone help me understand these results please? What does all this mean exactly? (I understand the speedtest one though except for the 'ping'). I'm with BT/Vodafone. Yesterday my speedtest result stated Vodafone was my ISP. Today it says IOL.


bazzachazza Registered User

Vodafone 7Mb connection south Meath

Then I got this 2 mins later

BFassassin Registered User

This is supposed to be 7mb broadband. Has been slow for quite a while now.

danoxx1 Registered User

danoxx1 Registered User

Thats good i thinK????

Fionn Registered User

My 10 Meg package

for some reason i got this result a good while back (asked a guy in NTL but he couldn't explain it!!)

ping test

the spped increase thats coming will make this really a good BB package


TouchingVirus Registered User

Dr.Millah Registered User

What could be causing such high packet loss?


Dr.Millah said:

What could be causing such high packet loss?

Did you reset the modem after the upgrade?

PJTierney Registered User

Holy crap LIT's connection is good..

z0oT Registered User

Dr.Millah Registered User

Ranicand said:
Did you reset the modem after the upgrade?

Yep, No improvment

dohouch Registered User

I changed over from 1MB Eircom to 8MB Vodafone, and nothing whatsoever
has changed.
Do Vodafone actually deliver anything close to 8MB to anybody.

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