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My wife may be getting a job in dublin, if she does she'll have to commute, but we're trying to see if this is viable, we're weighing up the pros and cons, eg the fact that she has a job in this economic climate, versus the cost of the commute.

Our options are:

train from athlone/clara
bus from moate

she'd need to be in city centre by 9:30 am mon-fri.

does anyone here do this, or know anyone who does? any advice on a cost effective solution? the train alone costs close to 300 a month!

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whereabouts in the city center??

if you are based in Moate then getting train just adds extra hassle to
your commute, train "only" goes to Heuston
if you need to get luas, then thats even more hassle

BUT, employer may offer tax saver commuter scheme for rail....
investigate it yourself.

bus maybe best, isnt there buslane all way from liffey valley to heuston station??

CIE is e59 for 10 journey (ie a week) when booked on-line.

are you calculating the TIME COST of commute as well with respect to your


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Don't forget that there is a 'carbon tax' on the way and what that means is that the tax on motoring will move to a 'pay as you go' model so they will probably reduce the tax disc to a nominal charge and they'll retrieve the lost revenue by increasing the excise on petrol and diesel, it's all supposed to be 'revenue neutral' so Joe Average will pay the same overall tax.

The winners will be people with big cars who do low mileage and the losers will be people who drive long distances to work, the guy beside me at work in D4 drives from Rhode in Co. Offaly every day, he's going to get screwed. Your numbers are going to change for the worse come budget day as the excise on motor fuel is going to get a severe hike.

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drive to mullingar and get train from there maybe? Whatever way you look at it it is going to be a lot of time spent travelling!!

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tubos said:
drive to mullingar and get train from there maybe? Whatever way you look at it it is going to be a lot of time spent travelling!!

Mullingar train brings you into Connolly, which may be
better, however this extra drive is serious pain

Direct bus is your best option,
have a nice nap


drive to Kilbeggan/Tyrellspass - and get Kearns bus from there..they run a great service, v efficient and quick and cheap. I'm in mullingar and i get Kearns from Kinnegad every morning at 6.35am and i'm at o'connell bridge by 7.20am at the latest. i get the 1st bus home in the evenings at 4.15pm, gets me to k'gad by 5.15pm..u cannot go wrong..i think Kearns travel thro Tullamore, Kilbeggan, Tyrellspass, would be v handy for u i think?

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Try an advert in the Westmeath Examiner or your local paper...maybe someone traveling to Dublin daily..and help pay for the cost!!!!

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