Cleeo Registered User

It's like omegle, but is an AI! Halfway though, I started speaking in Irish and it replied in Irish! I've wasted my evening on this... Enjoy!

(Apologies if this has been done, I searched but didn't find any results!)

dr.bollocko Moderator

Speaking with a robot?
Its a dumb bot. Doesn't know one quote from futurama.

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DevilsBreath Registered User

Hum you can speak to it in binary. interesting.

Ads by Google Registered User

It took a while for the last answer but mighty impressive even if it's bad grammer..

bluto63 Registered User

It doesn't want to talk to me. Keeps claiming that it's servers are busy, but I know it's just avoiding me!

AlmightyCushion Moderator

Me: gerbil gerbil gerbil
It: Speak some german.
Me: german vermin collected by mormans
It: I'll beat you.

Two sentences in and this thing is already threatening me.

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Gone Drinking Registered User

I've seen so many variations of these over the years, they're all sihte

Caco Registered User

Me- do you have updock?

Bot- Haha. You can't trick me. You want me to say 'what's updocc?' but I won't do it.

It sure showed me

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dojojoe Registered User

Finally got it to say it:

You sir are incorret - 01001001.
No, You sir spelled Incorrect* wrong.
This is madness!
No, This is Sparta.

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are you really a "clever bot"
No, I am human.
You spell bad for a meatbag.
i new it was a person.....
No, you are not a person. You are a smart computer. You are good. People are good. It is all good.

am I a clever bot

Sharpshooter Registered User

Who said, I'm the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be?

Was that English? And since when do we haev a kid?

Can you not read?

I can read. I was just making sure.

So answer my original question please.

How do you know that you asked the first question maybe there wasn't a question in the first place.

Are you upset that you didn't know the answer?


Not such a Cleverbot then.

I know the answer, I just don't want to tell you.

What's clever about that?

Bots are clever.

Indecisive more than clever. You don't know the answer, try google.

I didn't my brotther is 21 and I like 21 year olds.

Don't you know how to spell brother?

I was just messing with your mind.

Not really, I was short circuiting yours though.

Really? I thought we were just going through the motions.

Before I lose interest, who said I'm the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be?

I never said I am a girl, and my name is not julia. My name is Audun.


Clever my Arse.

FearDark Banned

Im sorry but that is rubbish.

BrokenArrows Registered User

me:can you translate binary to ascii?

bot: What do you want me to translate?



haha i said hello in binary and its response was "suck my dick" in binary.

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Sharpshooter Registered User

FearDark said:
Im sorry but that is rubbish.

Why are you sorry?

FearDark Banned

Sharpshooter said:
Why are you sorry?

The OP thought it was great!

Didnt answer one question properly, basic maths questions, what is the capital of... questions, shit.

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