yardeyar Banned

Hi, when I travel from Holyhead to Dover and south of Birmingham I travel across the Dartford Bridge/Tunnel but the traffic can be very heavy, sometimes I travel the opposite direction on the M25 around by Heathrow but this too can become a bottle neck, anyone got other routes please? Thank you. YEAH!

bugsntinas Registered User

have ya tried to stagger your journey so you reach these areas at night as sometimes you can just sail thru without a problem.
alternatively if you go down the m1 and get onto the north circular then the blackwall tunnel but again that can bottleneck.
or you could go west on the north circular and pick up the south circular and then get onto the m20 straight down to dover

boyoh Registered User

Take Junction 2 off the M1 to A1 Archway. Archway to Crouch End to Westgreen road and right onto Black Boy Lane,left on St Anne's road then right onto High St. Stanford Hill,left onto Clapton road and at the big roundabout go left to Leabridge rd and right at Church road (you will have to pass this turn and do a u-turn as the approach has no right turn) from Church road do a right onto High Road Leyton then right at Ruckhold road and on to the A102(M) Through Blackwall tunnel follow the A102(M)-A2213 TO A20/M20 (The A2213 is the Sidcup bypass and is part of the A102) Next stop Dover. This is not at all complex,but is a direct line from the M1 to the M20. The savings are between one and a half to two and a half hours. You will need an A to Z if you haven't used this route before or a good London map, hope this helps, I have used this route at least 25 times over the years and was only delayed once for a serious accident.......................................b

pandos Registered User

Just like the success of a raindance, timing is everything.

Whilst we usually travel from Pembroke we know that if we are at reading bu 6.30 we will sail around the 25, but is any later we may as well stop and go to sleep till 10.

I have driven through London numerous times and find that even the most direct route can become a nightmare with security threats and accidents and protests or just plain old weight of traffic.

My advice time your arrival at the m25 and stay on the motorways. but keep an awareness of the options in case the 25 is blocked.

A good map and a GPS will get you anywhere (eventually)

boyoh Registered User

Route through London tried and tested,GPS a hindrance...................b

yardeyar Banned

Hi thanks for the detailed list of instructions.......... YEAH!

Bessa Registered User

What about Liverpool to Dover ?

yardeyar Banned

Hi, Liverpool to Dover, the sailing is too long and too expensive for a camper!

niloc1951 Registered User

Time your arrival at the M25 for late evening (after 9pm), take a off-peak channel crossing (Cheap) to arrive early AM in Calais and head up the road about 25km to a very quiet and pleasant Aire at Gravelines (N 50.9883 E 02.1226), see pic below, and settle down for the rest of the night and after a lie on stock up with the local French goodies later that day.
A second night on the Aire will clear away any of the hangover from the journey from home and set you up to really start enjoying the fantastic experience that motorhoming is in France.


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