Leprekaun Registered User

Hi all! Would anyone know a bus that goes direct from Letterkenny to Belfast direct and back? And if there is one, what are the running times?

Neamhshuntasach Registered User


The above crowd do it

Leprekaun Registered User

Cheers shame only one bus though

KC61 Registered User

For buses via Derry there are:

1) Lough Swilly from Letterkenny to Derry

Times are at page 9: Lough Swilly Timetable Letterkenny-Derry

2) Bus Eireann from Letterkenny to Derry (more limited service)
Bus Eireann Letterkenny-Derry timetable

3) Ulsterbus Goldliner from Derry to Belfast
Ulsterbus timetable

There may be through fares available - ring either Lough Swilly or Bus Eireann.

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