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Hi guys,

Can anyone who has travelled to the North for dental work suggest a good dentist up there? I need to get two crowns on my two upper front teeth. At the moment I have temporary fillings here, but they are temporary and my dentist here said I'll need to see a specialist to get the crowns.

Anyway, money is tight and as dental work is a lot cheaper in NI I'm hoping to travel there to get the work done. If anyone has done similar in the past and can advise me on this I'd greatly appreciate it.


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hopalong I think you are ignoring an important point. your dentist is advising you that there is a degree of difficulty/complexity involved in your crownwork and a specialist referral is needed. This is not something he/she would say/do lightly. You will always be able to get work done cheaply elsewhere, but if it is complex, it must be done right by the right person, otherwise you will be paying again pretty soon. Fitzgeme may be able to PM you a few names of prosthodontists in the North.

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I have been to a dentist in Newry and could not fault the treatment I received there. Though it was for a awkward filling, not a crown. And I thought prices were not as cheap as you might expect. But the exchange rate is in your favour at teh moment. Might be worth checking out and see if they also recommend specialist treatment.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

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Looking for the names of some recommended Dentists in the North.

OH recently went to a new dentist as he broke a tooth and couldn't get an appointment with our regular guy.
Seems however that the 'new' dentist is of the opinion that he needs wisdom teeth extracted, a root canal and two fillings.
Despite our 'regular' dentist saying his teeth are fine.

So, we're looking at our options and indeed a Second and Third opinion.

However, I do reckong our 'regular' guy is not the best. I got three crowns with him - one is not the prettiest and the last one is so big I've lost my bite - even after 4 months of it 'settling down'

SO - PLEASE any recommendations - and you can PM me if you are reluctant to advertise.


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Reccomendations by PM only please according to the charter.

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Hi i am a student and really need braces on my top teeth but there is not a prayer of me being able to afford the crazy prices down here

any recommendations up north??

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Dental work, a nightmare.

I decided that I need some cosmetic work. Teeth are getting stained because of age and two are a 'little' crooked.
So I spent 3weeks trawling the net for advice , opinions and prices.
I knew I probably couldn't afford to straighten the teeth so would settle for whitening only. Read everything thats out there. So I got in touch with that 'whitening crowd' €180 I think they charge, who have clinincs all over the country, sent them detailed close up pics of my teeth and pointed out the crookedness and a small amount of gum wear.

They emailed back and said yea no problem to do the lot and quoted those fantastic prices again.I was real happy although a little wary that they made no mention of any problems that might occour particularly as they were crooked and of course the gum wear (which I'd heard a lot about on the net).

They pestered me with emails and wanted me to make an appointment.

So just before I did I went to my normal dentist and told him what I wanted.........good job I did.............

Firstly he said he thought that my teeth weren't that discoloured and that if I was to have the whitening I probably would not be that happy with the results.And he said that I would definitely have a great deal pain and discomfort when the bleaching agents hits the damaged gum area and may cause permanant sensitvity in that area, again( which I'd read about on the net).

Now my dentist knows I'm not made of money and maybe if I spent €1000 upwards on whitening alone he could do something to overcome those problems which is why he put me off the idea.
I never did get any work done and wonder what would have happend to me if I had went with that €180 job!!!

It's just something else to think about folks.

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Hi watchman

the experience you have had is fairly typical. A very low price is quoted for bleaching and then they will try to sell you further treatment that you may not want or need. It is good that you got a 2nd opinion.

a crown is a common dental procedure and most dentists do a lot of them. So for your dentist to want to refer you to a specialist must mean there is a difficulty with the teeth or some other issue. I am sure there are vey good dentists in the North who can do a good job for you but remember you will get what you you pay for. There is not the same ammount of specialists in the North as in the Republic as dentists tend to attempt everything that comes in the door, particularly private patients from the South

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Willet said:
Hi i am a student and really need braces on my top teeth but there is not a prayer of me being able to afford the crazy prices down here

any recommendations up north??


The prices for specialist orthodontic treatment have reduced a lot in recent times. As far as I know a specialist in the North charges about 3000 on average. You might pay around 3000 for upper treatment in the South.

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