NoelDoran Registered User

just came across this site for flash cards, anyone ever heard of them? where do they ship from? has anyone used them before, whats their shipping time like???

bluemachaveli Registered User

They are similar to deal extreme. I ordered a sleeve for my laptop off them.
Arrived in about 2 weeks. No problems.


I've ordered a few times off them too. Exact same as deal extreme, no problems.

Only thing I found different was that they don't ship the micro sd usb card reader with the dstt card like dealextreme but other than that they're fine

NoelDoran Registered User

took d chance and bought a few things from focalprice today, is it just me or is their checkout system weird, when you checkout the items are in the cart and everything is ok but then when you click 'paypal' as the payment method you get redirected to paypal but their is no mention of what you bought and you have to enter in the amount they came to yourself?????

Is this correct or has something seriously gone wrong for me???

overide13 Registered User

happened to me too - what i did is went back- refreshed/update the cart re clicked and it should say the price -wont give the item names guessing its due to PP not allowing sales of mod devices


Comes up in Paypal also as LI P******G, an individuals name instead of the company's name.

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