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I meant to put gas boiler in the heading not fan .

Hi the fan on our gas boiler seemed to be stuck.
This happened before and we called out a guy to check it out (a qualified gas servicer guy).

I watched him and he used wd40 to free up the fan.that was about a year ago but it stuck again today.
I rang him but he said we need a new fan.
I think hes right but to get the fan up and running again today l have used some wd40 to free up the fan ,I didnt use that much of it and the fan is working again with the boiler back working.

What lm concerned is tho that the inside of the boiler seems to get very hot around were the fan is and as wd40 is flamable is it safe to be using it on a gas boiler fan ?.

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I dont know sorry but for future use I buy silicone spray. Its not as flamable. It is not as smellly and it goes on clear so it can be used almost anywhere including toilet ball cocks which sometimes get stuck.

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The best option would be to replace the fan. It'll do no harm to get a quote for a replacement. You may even be able to replace it yourself if your competent at that sort of thing.

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That lubricant sounds alot better than wd40 joey for this job l will look into it .thanks.

Yea got a quote for €270..€190 for part and €80 for labour..
Just wanted to get the boiler up and running today tho and I knew the wd40 would work.
I will get a new fan as lm not too keen on having to take off the cover of the boiler every time it stops.

thanks for replies.

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