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Recovery and Aerobic

2 short runs today,into and home from work.
Up with the birds this morning and a nice trot home aswell to clear the head.

3.5m @ 8:10p
3.5m @ 7:32p

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Med Long

Really didnt want to run this tonight,had 15 planned for the morning but chances are slim so went for it after work,the legs were not really into it so i laboured around.I have 5*12m runs done over the last 3 weeks so i wanted tonights one to be a bit longer than that.Thats all i have to report about it really.

13.1m @ 7:19p

Thats 7 days running in a row....without looking back at my training,i cannot remember the last time that happened.

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8 in a row and first 50m week since going May 2010 ! 3 weeks before Cork that year...cannot believe its been that long...It was just a good week for me,had thought i would get 4 runs in,ended up 6 and had to the 5 today to make 50...not a sign of things to come though unfortunately but obviously will be hitting that mark during the 12 weeks for the marathon....feels good though.

5m @ 7:22p

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Didnt get out yesterday as planned so was rearing to go for the tempo this morning.nice morning for it,i knew it would be windy along one stretch but was looking forward to it.
It went much better than last week,a mile less last week felt 10 times harder,i had raced Sunday and did 12 on Monday before the tempo on Wednesday so it was all a bit bunched up but it was seriously hard going last week.
With two rest days behind me i figured it would me more managable today...and it was...thankfully.

2m @ 7:35p
5m @ 5:52,5:56,5:53,5:55,5:51 - 29:28.
2m @ 7:51p

Really happy with it,had a nice headwind to go into for 2m ( 1.5-3.5 ) but knew i had a good last 2m if i could just get to the turn...felt really good up to 0.5 to go,i think its just a mental thing,getting near the end,you start thinking your going to collapse but in actual fact if you had another mile to go it wouldnt happen until a mile later....funny really.

I may go out and do a recovery tonight as i dont see myself getting out tomorrow at all.

Went out afterall for the run tonight,legs felt great,could have run faster at any moment and wanted to do more...forced myself home.

6m @ 7:27p

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Med Long

First 15m run since August and before that i have no idea without looking back.Original plan was just plod around in 7:30p as it was my first of this distance in a while and after 3m i was labouring but got going then and had to make a conscious effort to slow down during the second half of it.
Miles 6-11 were under 7:00p and the last 4m were all around 6:35 so very steady and could have kept going...a good confidence booster for my first of many long runs over the next 4 months.
I dont expect and would not be anyway running my long runs at that pace,i will be adopting my easy pace with pmp philosophy that served me so well for Cork when i get to 20 it will be 15 around 7:15/20 and the last 5 at 6:40ish....couple that long run with either a tempo/race one week and a second shorter long run the other with more pmp...and that should serve me well come June 30th.
The aim is sub 3 as theres no point in any higher number than that and anything else is a bonus....its not the most favourable route and i dont want the recovery to take to long as i have races in august that i want a cut off and hopefully the club will be hosting the national half again this year and i will want to have a right go at that also.
All going well....

15m @ 7:00p ( 1:45:09)

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A nice run on a lovely mild night,the legs feel great after the good week i have had...good tempo on Tuesday and then my fist 15 in a long time on Thursday morning.
Tonights run was to be easy,whatever pace easy was.

10m @ 7:14p

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Had a great sleep last night so decoded to go for a recovery run to finish off the week,it was damn cold out there this morning,hands were fuppin freezin for the first couple of miles but i was only doing 5 so i managed.

5m @ 7:56p

45m weeks running of the year with the 2 quality sessions in there.I am starting to feel much stronger the last couple of weeks,onwards and upwards....

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Inbetween nights so just a wake up trot.
Another fantastic day for it and i would have kept going only i have to get through the night.

6.2m @ 7:11p

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Miserable wet and windy afternoon for this,was not planned until tomorrow but sometimes when i come of nights i have a delayed reaction to the tiredness so i could be cream crackered tomorrow so went for it today.
My easy warm up was into a serious headwind so nearly bailed after that tbh but knew once i turned down the tramore road that would dissapear.
The first 3m of the tempo went so well i almost contemplated doing 10k for a mad moment but the last 2m wa a grind,got back to the park for 3 laps to finish and the winds in there were brutal,a real grind to hold pace.
Really happy to get this done today so i can realx tomorrow and run easy with my 15m not until Friday the week is off to a great start.

2.5m easy ( 7:22p )
5m @ 5:53,5:55,5:56,5:58,6:00 - 29:42
2.5 slow ( 8:15p )

With only 3 weeks of the 12 weeks remaining i gave myself to get ready to ramp up for 12 weeks specific for WVM,i would say i am ahead of schedule.
Its a nice place to be.
I have 3 races at the end of this month that will give me a better idea though...and a nice range...10m,4m and 5k.

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Good stuff Sosa, see you in Mallow.

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A tough enough run today in very blustery and wet conditions early doors,then it got sunny and warm,then back to the high winds again...that airport road is a wind tunnel !
Rest day tomorrow followed by 15 Friday morning.

10.3m @ 7:17p

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Med Long

A mixed run this morning,all the way through i thought it was going to lash but it didnt thankfully and i tired near the end but it was very windy for the first 10m and thats a 3 quality weeks behind me,training i have not done since im allowed to get tired.
Started off with a few easy miles into a headwind,then picked it up a notch into a headwind,levelled out a bit then before cranking it up for the last 4.
All in all very happy to get it done.

15.2m @ 6:58p

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Two recovery runs in and out of work today to get me over the 50m mark for the second time in 3 weeks...all going well,enjoying my running and getting stronger....good timing to with Mallow next week.

3.5m @ 7:42p
5m @ 7:35p

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Mini taper week as i enter into the last 3 weeks of my 12 week " getting in shape to tackle a 12 week marathon " program.
I will have 3 races in 13 days starting next Monday in Mallow that will give me a realistic picture of where i am.
Today i reduced the tempo to 4m...and got through it ok,tougher route this week as there was a few miles to encounter but nothing everest like but a test all the same.

1.5m easy
4m - 23:42 - 5:55,5:56,5:5:56 and 5:55
2m easy

7.5 Total

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A nice run in warm sunny weather ! absolutely lovely out there today,hope its like that next Monday in Mallow.

5m @ 7:49p

Hope to get 15 done tomorrow or Thursday at the latest,any later than that it will hinder Mondays race...

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