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plug of my kettle was jammed into socket. when my BF finally yanked it out, the plastic where plug enters had melted! was that the plug or the socket at fault? i've replaced plug and not used that socket since. its a double socket but i still use the other socket - is that ok?

Prenderb Registered User

Sounds to me like an urgent job for a qualified electrician. Get one to look at your wiring before its more than the plastic melting....

conbre Registered User

check the old plug, sounds like the fuse was replaced with a bolt or tin foil wrapped around it. highly dangerous.

pixbyjohn Registered User

Change the double socket on the wall. More than likely the contacts in the socket have over time lost their ability to make a tight contact with the plug pins. An electric kettle draws quite a large current so a loose connection will arc in the socket and cause heat, which is probably what happened in your case. As previously advised in this thread maybe its time you got an electrician to look at this socket. by the way are you constantly unplugging the kettle as this will cause the socket contacts to become less tight. Not many people replace their sockets but they should certainly check them regularly and replace when necessary.

Joey the lips Stealing Hugs Chasing Kisses

Why dont you post this in the electrical forum a lot of electricians look in there. No disrespect to answers already given.

I am temped to think the fault is in the plug and not the socket but as said I am not an electrician.

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