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So, here I am in work.... again...

This must be "Rule of Ciderman #3", meaning "Ciderman shall be reporting for duty the morning after every A&R Beers".

This is as opposed to "Rule of Ciderman #1", meaning "Ciderman will buy his most precious things, later sell his most precious things, immediately lament said sale and then buy back his most precious things again at a much higher price".

Also, see "Rule of Ciderman #2", which simply state "Streets of Rage and Golden Axe do not exist in this dojo".

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CiDeRmAn Category Moderator

Thanks for a great night though Dinorex!

That Amiga setup was... lit? Am I using that right?

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Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy Registered User

I can't believe we actually played games
Even me!

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CosmicSmash Registered User

It was a great night, I really enjoyed it, it was good to see everyone again. Thanks for having us Dinorex and thanks for the lift home Ciderman. I hope you got up for work okay.

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