johnny_ultimate Production Model EVA-02

Me and My... is, alas, disappointing. It's good fun, but the controls aren't good and there's only really one level to the thing. Sure, the level gets bigger, but there's very little variety to it.

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TechnoFreek Registered User

Jack burton said:
leftys rule and rightys drool!

Here what I got today, can wait to get stuck into it

Not my pic btw

Not a bad read, straight forward enough.
References to 80s games, movies and other nerdmobilia will hold your interest.

Dr Bob Moderator

not retro ..nice though

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not retro ..nice though

New 78:1 format camera? Nice

Congratulations man

Andrew76 Moderator

Congrats on the new arrival dude!

Dr Bob Moderator

EnterNow said:
New 78:1 format camera? Nice

Congratulations man

lol , yeah youtube does NOT like my cameraphone

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Atavan-Halen <b>He Touched My Breast!!</b>

Aw, congrats Dr. Bob!

I picked up only 3 games recently.

Bioshock and fable the day before game closed and then Madden purely for the novelty of finding an NTSC PS2 game in a charity shop. That and it was €2.

Steve X2 Moderator

Few sealed DC games arrived today from Ninja's Castle on Ebay. They're all in mint condition and exactly as advertised.
I'll stick up a few pics later on but it's nothing to exciting. They seem to have a decent amount of sealed DC game stock if anyone is on the look out.

@Dr Bob
I've no video where I am at the moment but I'm guessing we're congratulating you on having sexy time 9 or so months ago? If so then well done sir and congrats.


the groutch Registered User

pity he doesnt have more PAL games


the groutch said:
pity he doesnt have more PAL games


CiDeRmAn Category Moderator

Well, Mobile Light Force 2 (Shikigami no Shori) arrived today, the worst cover art ever, bar none, well aside from Mobile light Force (Gunbird), which was a completely different game with the same cover, aside from the addition of the all important number 2 on the cover...
Looking forward to playing it though.

Retr0gamer Category Moderator

I beg to differ, the US release of Suikoden 1 gives it a run for its money.

a5y Registered User

I'd a Game Boy Advance SP for a couple of years now that came with something else I'd bought. And I'd no idea whether it worked or not because there was no charger for it. Since buying a charger for a possibly broken console felt like throwing money away I'd never gotten around to it.

That was until I saw a multi-cable that'd charge my NDSL too, so it'd be worth owning even if the GBA plug on it was never used. So, purchase...

...And now I have a functioning GBA SP Mostly this is nice just so I can play Game Boy colour games and GBA games in multiplayer, since the NDS Lite could play GBA games just fine.

Other stuff: button badges that will be combined with Ikea Kassett boxes, super glue and magnets so I've a neat way of labelling what games are in which boxes. Glue magnet to white label at front, attach badge. Done! And if (when) I buy more stuff and need to move to bigger Kassett boxes the magnet can stay where it is while the badge is undamaged for reuse. Not too shabby. I still need to find some good magnets, not too brittle or super strong.

Finally: NDSL mic, from Game, in Blanchardstown. A sale I wish they weren't having. Ear bracket on this thing is TINY so that'll have to be changed, and I don't actually know any DS games that use the mic (if anyone does, I'd welcome a PM, so as not to OT this thread) so I figure when I do get a little confidence with soldering I'll try splice the proprietary looking Nintendo connector on this with something a bit less awkward to wear (kinda essential, I wear glasses so runner's earphones and call-centre style headsets aren't often comfortable)

[Newbie's log: Previously in this thread: 1, 2, 3... and this one makes 4]

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CathalDublin Registered User

Picked up a pinball today, will get pics tomorrow, I took a bit of a gamble as this thing hasn't been turned on in 10 years, but it looks in good nick

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The Last Bandit Registered User

Some goodies over the last few days

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